Alcohol & Drug Treatment – Suboxone


Alcohol & Drug Treatment – Suboxone – Quickly becoming an important resource, SUBOXONE succeeds in medically supervised withdrawals from the physical and psychological pain of opioid addiction. R…


First Nations Education: The Real Key To Ending The Cycle Of Despair

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Now 26, Renee kicked her drug addiction when the community launched its own suboxone treatment program. She did it for her children and soon decided she wanted more than what her Grade 10 education could offer her. “I realized I couldn't give them …
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Pharmacy worker charged in pill theft

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Suboxone, an opiate, is prescribed by some doctors to treat heroin addiction. Klonopin is an anti-anxiety drug. The total value of the pills was more than $ 3,600, police said in a report. Hannify had already signed an agreement to repay CVS before …
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