Cocaine Addiction?

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I live in LA california. I go to meetings and have a sponcer the whole nine yards. I have some friends that do cocaine and their behavior is getting out of controle. Their stealing, lying, getting more aggressive because they need a fix. I have to see them all the time and they have friends that do it and so on what can I do to get out of this destructive inviornment???

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simply tell them that you dont want to end up like them and SPLIT

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10 Responses to Cocaine Addiction?

  • Elizabeth says:

    start going to church…

  • Geronimo K says:

    Find a healthier group of friends. Go to Health clubs. or Move out of LA

  • grasshopper says:

    cocaine is one h*ll of a drug

  • quixoticalthoughts says:

    I have been around this before. It is hard to watch what happens when someone crashes. But yes they will get increasingly aggresive and do more and more to get their fix. What you really have to weigh here, because you are trying to kick a habit, is whether or not you should be with these friends. That is a little hard to do though. Getting rid of a single friend is hard, but multiple friends seems unimaginable. Maybe the best thing to do in your situation is just ask that they do not do it in front of you.

    Your question is slightly vague, to get out of the environment I would say ditch your friends. Meet some new ones. Develop other options of people to go out with. Especially if your current friends are asking you if you want a bump. That is the worst scenario for someone recovering from addiction.

    Hope this Helps.

  • next? says:

    Why is it necessary for you to see them at all? You will only be successful if you remove these people totally from your life and find new friends who do not do drugs, otherwise, all the meetings will be for nothing. Your old friends will sabotage you and yo will be right back where you started. Avoid them, do not have any contact with them and you should be fine.

  • sctag1015 says:

    You need to work on developing new friendships, ideally in a different part of town than your friends and cocaine habit. Your brain is setup such that the visual cues of other users, areas where you get cocaine, and areas where you have used cocaine will make it more difficult for you to end your addiction. Talk with your sponsor about finding social activities that remove you from your current friends and their cocaine addictions.

  • gypsy says:

    leave them and built your own life u don’t need losers around you and they going to get you in trouble, if they steal and u in the group u also going to get the blame

  • charleslvjy says:

    For recovery to work, you don’t have to change everything. Just you’re whole life. Get rid of your drugging friends, stop going to places that will put you in jeopardy to use drugs. Don’t go to places where drugs are being used. Change people, places, and things. Ask some of the people at N.A. or C.A. if they want to go out for coffee after the meeting. Just stay away from those people you call your friends. It’s your life that IS on the line. Live it. Above all- LISTEN TO YOUR SPONSOR!!! He’s been there. He knows what it’s like and he knows how to find recovery everyday.

  • chelsea_lulu21 says:

    I don’t know why you say “I have to see them all the time”. If they live near you try moving to another area. That doesn’t mean that you have to move across the country, maybe just to another neighborhood. If they work with you, start looking for another job. You need to commit to saving yourself from a bad future, whatever it takes. Your life is worth it.

  • muchlove4tink says:

    It’s like you said- you have to do something to get out of the invironment that you are in. It’s very hard to remove toxic people from our lives when we get clean. This was probably one of the most painful things I had to do in my early recovery. Ultimately you have to make a decision about what you are willing to do to stay clean. They are obviously not where you are and it probably won’t be very easy for them to understand where you are coming from. If they were true friends they would see that you are trying to better your life, and keep all that away from you. Since that isn’t happening you have to take care of number one! I’d suggest just letting them know how their behavior sits with you and break it down in simple terms for them – don’t bring that chaos around me or stay away completely. I know it seems harsh and all- but you and only you are responsible for your recovery. Good Luck with this and in your recovery! Hope this helps!

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