I Need to Find Drug Rehabs in Ojai, California. Help?

Question by catherine_ann: I need to find drug rehabs in Ojai, California. Help?
I’m doing a research for one of my classes and it entails getting information about drugs and drug treatment programs. I thought I’d interview people in different rehabs so that I may compare them.

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Answer by Jen22
I’d look in your local yellow pages for Rehabilitation Centers. Choose which ones and call and make an appt. to speak to someone and explain your doing research.

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  • abigayle la says:

    That seems like an interesting project, albeit a time-consuming one.

    To find drug rehabs, you may use the links below. You can also use the local phone directory, or ask for a list from doctors or healthcare providers. Just ask when you’ll be able to set up an appointment for an interview. I do hope that you get all the information you need. Good luck!

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