Your Outlook, Online Gaming Addiction.?

Question by Paris: Your outlook, Online Gaming Addiction.?
Is it a problem?

Should it be considered an actual addiction along with alcoholism and such things?

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Answer by Lexi
I think it’s a personal choice and not really an addiction. I am a gamer myself, but I don’t play online games so much. I guess if the person wastes their whole life on ONE online game, it could be considered an addiction…but not if you only play the game sometimes.

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Online shopping addiction – University of Queensland Consumer behaviour group assesment.


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  • Jayjay Kay says:

    Its a fact many people have lost there girlfriends because they Just don’t spent enough time with them and just stay gaming on weekends and after school hours etc…. its how addicted you get.

  • perfectvelvet says:

    It’s not a myth, but I don’t think it should be considered an addiction under the DSM. People who are “addicted” to games are compensating for something that’s missing in their lives, be it social interaction, a desire to succeed, a desire to feel powerful because they can conquer something, etc. They aren’t happy in their lives and the game fulfills that. It makes them feel happy or powerful or wealthy or unstoppable. If they were truly happy and satisfied with the real world, they wouldn’t feel the need to delve so deeply into a fictional one.

  • mkon says:

    EVERYTHING is an addiction these days & NOTHING is ever anyone fault.

    Fact: The liquor made you drink it, The game made you play it, The coke made you snort it,..

    In honestly online gaming addiction is in fact a problem, however it seems the days of people actually sucking it up, going outside and accepting that they themselves just need to take some willpower and better themselves is long long gone.

    It is probably only a matter of time before gaming addiction is made a full blown understood addiction akin to alcoholism, the question is what will come of it? Will online gaming be banned, like other products where people simply display lack of self control (4loco)? Or b/c of its profitability will we just create help lines and useless 10 step programs?
    Im leaning toward the one that makes more people more money!

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