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What Makes People Addicted to Prescription Drugs?

Question by ?Ebonique?: What makes people addicted to ?
I don’t understand. Why do people get addicted to prescription drugs? I know people get addicted to street drugs like cocaine, heroine, etc., but why prescription drugs? I could never imagine myself getting addicted to prescription drugs. I thought people would look more forward to getting off prescription drugs rather than getting hooked on it.

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Answer by Blitzed & Bombed
Prescription drugs can still get you high, just like street drugs, and are just as addictive. And of course, no one chooses to become addicted to a drug. Prescription drugs is a very wide category though, and can include anything from anxiety medications to muscle relaxants and painkillers.

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Signs of Drug Use or Abuse and Suicidal Tendencies in Students


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Cocaine Addiction?

Question by Pockets: ?
I live in LA california. I go to meetings and have a sponcer the whole nine yards. I have some friends that do cocaine and their behavior is getting out of controle. Their stealing, lying, getting more aggressive because they need a fix. I have to see them all the time and they have friends that do it and so on what can I do to get out of this destructive inviornment???

Best answer:

simply tell them that you dont want to end up like them and SPLIT

Suboxone-Then What?

Question by mwwaldrop: suboxone-then what?
I currently have what I consider to be a major opiate
addiction. I take 10-15 lortab 10s per day every day.
This has been a problem for quite a while now. I
stopped once for about 6 months, but had to have
dental work which caused me to relapse. There is no
possibility of me doing a rehab stint of any kind as
my job will not allow it. I have lost all interest in
any hobbies I have and now take them simply to be able
to get up in the morning and be functional.
What are my chances with suboxone? I
have researched this and am curious as to whether this
will help me stop before I end up killing myself. I’m
looking at this (suboxone)option as a “means to the end” of my abuse. I am 43 yrs old and feel certain that along
with the addiction, am going through some type of
midlife crisis as well. I don’t have the guts to
actually commit suicide but as the number amount I take increases, so does the chance of me doing the deed.
Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated

Your Outlook, Online Gaming Addiction.?

Question by Paris: Your outlook, Online Gaming Addiction.?
Is it a problem?

Should it be considered an actual addiction along with alcoholism and such things?

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Answer by Lexi
I think it’s a personal choice and not really an addiction. I am a gamer myself, but I don’t play online games so much. I guess if the person wastes their whole life on ONE online game, it could be considered an addiction…but not if you only play the game sometimes.

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