Anyone Have Examples of Stereotypical Addictions?

Question by Lowan Raekan: Anyone have examples of stereotypical addictions?
I’m looking to write a bit about addictions in society, television, and other forms of media. But first i need a plenty of examples of stereotypical things people are addicted to. Like, alcohol, ‘drugs’, sex, etc. Anyone have any ideas?

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Answer by Amelie Frances
Addictions that are commonly portrayed in the media are addictions to drugs like crack, meth, heroine, or prescription drugs (xanax, adderall, sleeping meds etc.). Other addictions like to alcohol (usually hard liquor), or sex are also shown relatively often. I’m not sure how specific of things you need, you listed already the most common stereotypical addictions. People can also be addicted to huffing substances, or have issues with kleptomania, but that is technically not an addiction.

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