Do Corrections Officers Go Through Drug Testing?

Question by Genesis: Do corrections officers go through drug testing?

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Answer by Roger M
yes, on a regular basis

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  • lwomar says:


  • john knee says:

    seems like you are worried you will not pass. scary

  • mrs. smith says:


  • Nightrider says:

    If it helps at all, I work for Ohio in the prison system. We have it written into our contract for random drug testing at any time. You will be drug tested prior to being offered a position ( failure to pass and you will not be hired). Once on the job, you will be called from your post and told to report to a designated facility outside the institution for a UA. Failure of any first time UA after hiring will put you on a last chance agreement. You will pay for your own rehab classes and retesting ( mandatory). Failure of a second UA is automatic dismissal.

    I hope this helps and you can find it useful

  • C W says:

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