Do You Get Ticked Off When the Media Portrays Michael Jackson as a Drug Junkie?

Question by summer 369: Do you get ticked off when the media portrays Michael Jackson as a drug junkie?
Since Michael’s death, when talk show hosts (I’m not naming any names) do shows on prescription drug addictions, they ALWAYS refer back to “Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose”, as though Michael intentionally wanted to kill himself doing drugs. Does it tick you off that these talk show hosts are swaying their viewers to think that Michael was a drug addict? What do you think of them when they do that?

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Answer by `R.i.p Michael Jackson` My Dancing Machine.
Yes makes me VERY ANGRY.

I wish they would all croak.

Because they dont know SHIT.

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Phoenix14News: Prescription drug abuse common among college students – Reporter Steve Roth looked into the abuse of prescription drugs among college students.


16 Responses to Do You Get Ticked Off When the Media Portrays Michael Jackson as a Drug Junkie?

  • MJForever [: says:

    i got mad when they did that when he just died.
    but i’m not to bothered now, they can’t hurt him anymore.
    and all us fans know the truth 🙂

  • Elly ? says:

    yes! i think they’re getting it twisted. most people, when they hear the word drugs, they think of hard drugs such as cocaine, mariujuana, herion etc….and michael jackson was not a junkie. they should include the words ‘medical’ in their sentences.
    he said it himself, that people would smoke weed around him and he just hated it. he didnt ever want to do anything like that.

  • 4evermichael says:

    yes my grandma was like yeah he is a druggie I’m like grandma he’s my idol he did not do drugs someone is out to get him i think i know my own favorite artist better than that!! it just makes me mad when people tell me that mj was a drug addict i don’t think of him that way that he molested boys i credit him for the music because none of that other stuff is true!

  • SMiLES ?'s MiCHAEL jACKSON.? says:

    Yeah it does. Im pretty sure he wouldnt have drank that pill if he knew he was gunna die.

  • toomanypetzz ?Loves MJ? says:

    Ugh, yes. He was not a drug junkie!
    Michael was NOT responsible for his death. It was that horrible, scum, “doctor” who is responsible.

    Poor Michael.

  • Lil' T says:

    It makes me sad to see the world have so much hate. Like he’s gone and people still talk crap about him. All he wanted was for the world to change and make peace with each other. That’s what most of his songs were about. Even though people said stuff about him, he stilled lived on. He didn’t let anyone bring him down. But the world put so much pressure on him that he just couldn’t take it anymore. I just don’t think it’s fair…at all. Why can’t anybody leave him alone??!! He’s gone for crying out loud!

  • MJ is always in my ? says:

    the media love making up rumors. i’m feel so hurt when they say bad things about MJ. they make me sick! they have no heart at all!

  • cant imitate nor duplicate MJ says:

    I know that crap right there makes me so pissed and I just hate it. I just want to punch those haters in the face.
    Hey can you answer mine:;_ylt=AjeAqRHJjznU_ScRRWRMN6nsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091013130938AAKkOrY

  • JA Queen says:

    Yes I agree with you its not like Michael actually wanted to kill himself, he was taking the pills because he was in pain

  • Michael Jackson Rules. says:

    It really gets on my nerves. When they say that the ignorant viewers immidiatly believe he killed himself.
    A boy at my school said he didn’t like MJ because he killed himself ¬_¬

    It makes me lose that little bit of respect for them.

  • Michael Jackson fanatic:)[Ciara] says:

    Well,the fact of the matter is,he did indeed have a drug problem.
    But,it wasn’t like he chose to do drugs for fun,he had to take them for pain he recieved from that pepsi commercial incident.
    Also,he went through alot of difficult things in his life which I’m sure only made things worse.

    However,I do agree with you,they shouldn’t refer to him as a “drug addict”.

  • LoriF says:

    He was a drug addict

  • RIP MJ I MISS YOU says:

    yep thats just why i refuse to watch that BS
    and it jus makes me cry how they try and trash him so thats a no for me

  • gyrene71 says:

    No, because he was one.

  • Candice S *MJ rocked our world* says:

    Most definitely. It’s pretty annoying, and it shows some ignorance and bias.
    When Billy Mays’s, God Bless him and his family, autopsy showed cocaine was in his system(I think it was cocaine), no body used “junkie” nor “addict”.

    There are some things that point to addiction, but propofol doesn’t even have addictive qualities.
    I think there was a misunderstanding of what the medications does. It only puts you out, it can’t substitute for reparative sleep.
    Once that got out, “addiction” stopped being used, and turned into “drug overdose”.
    That term is more correct, because the case is still open. But it does make it sound like MJ intended to OD.

  • P says:

    Does it tick you off that these talk show hosts are swaying their viewers to think that Michael was a drug addict?

    No why bother letting it get to you? they are going to beat him to pulp for a long time to come because he was mega famous. yes its sad but that’s just the way the media is so why bother even giving them the satisfaction of knowing they are annoying people?

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