Drug Addiction?

Question by Chequetta w: drug addiction?
why do people become drug addicts, considering all the negative things it does to the person, like losing all your friends, family, personal things not to mention the damage it does to your health,I lost my older sister to a drug overdose , its really a sore spot with me….

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Answer by Redbone
because sometimes drugs makes them forget about all their problems and it makes them feel good so they crave it and that is how they become addicts.

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  • elgil says:

    I am sorry for your lost. I think is stupidity. Those people think that to do drugs is cool.

  • roaringby says:

    It is something they can’t help. Once someone starts, they can’t stop without help. I live with 2 teens in the same position. They are gonna end up dead on in prision if they don’t get help.

  • august0893 says:

    they don’t realize it at first, it feels good at first but after a while is when all of the bad stuff happens. And once they do lose their family and friends they are already addicted, and when they stop they withdrawal symptoms and it is just more convieniant for them to keep taking drugs.

  • Erica says:

    as messed up as it seems that someone would want to throw their life away in such a manner, some people just can’t help themselves. i work in an ER and see drug users all the time, and many are frequent fliers (a lot of visits) for the same thing. it is hard when you are not this way to understand why someone would choose this route in life. just one of those things that an outsider will never fully comprehend. the best you can do is to help them as much as you can but if they keep refusing, then sometimes they need to fall on their face (i know that sounds harsh) before they can pick themselves up again. and sometimes they just don’t ever want to change.

  • knsb6 says:

    They are looking for an outlet to forget their problems. they are not thinking of the future consequences and they do not set out to intentionally harm others. The sad truth of the matter is a lot of people get hurt by this and the lessons from it can be everlasting.

  • ssanchez2002 says:

    they like the high/the feel of it just like why do people smoke knowing that it cause cancer ?

  • Ms. Laura says:

    Addiction is an illness – people just do not make a choice to become addicted – this is how it was explained to me years ago when I entered drug treatment – if I found out that I had terminal cancer, would it be my choice to have it? Of course not! Addiction in any form is powerful and unfortunately, as with your sister (I am so sorry to hear of your loss) some addicts die from this disease. And because of this it is crucial that people get educated on the disease of addiction. Most communities offer AL-Anon as a means for educating the family.
    Again, I am sorry to hear of your loss.

    If you need to talk, I would be happy to listen. I too have lost friends and loved ones to this terrible disease.

  • <~sugarandspice~> says:

    Sometimes you’re lonely, want to party with your friends, you feel better on drugs and do not want to think about life and what’s going on. I’ve lost friends to drug overdoses and accidents while they were on drugs. There are many factors. You just need to hope that people one day stop and realize that they do not need drugs. It can happen (trust me).
    Sorry for your loss.

  • WTF? !!!! says:

    because when you first do drugs, the feeling is great and you keeping looking for that same high you got the first time, till you are so deep into it…and everyone thinks they can stop at anytime.

    I was addicted to meth for about 3 years and it sucked till finally one day I woke up after sleeping for 3 days, and thought what the hell is wrong with me this is stupid…so I got help and stopped. But for some people it is not that easy. We have been trying to get my brother in law off meth for 5 years now, he just does not want help.

    point is people get hooked because they are always looking for the ultimate high and can not stop once their bodies crave that drug

  • Oracle says:

    Addiction with in itself is bad,, we all have those, it may not be to drugs or alcohol but it could be food or working out or smoking…
    most of the time addiction becomes way of mental satisfaction.

  • sugarpie says:

    I was a drug addict for 25 years-horrible life. peer pressure trying to be cool-things get out of control fast -bad choice. clean now for 16 years-glory to God who did help me.

  • cassie says:

    for most people, you don’t wake up on morning and say “hey i want to be a junkie”, it is a long process that most people get suckered into. From my own personal experience, i don’t have the best household in the world (if you know what i mean) and like most kids at a young stupid age i started out smoking weed, then over a course of several years i started cocaine, meth, ex, crack, pills (pain pills) anything to take my mind off my family. It was like an escape route. but thanks to my new fiance, i am clean and sober, i have to take pills for my mental depression, but other than that i am clean. but some people don’t ever get the chance to find some one or some thing to substitute the addiction like me.

    i am terrible sorry about your sister, my step-mother overdosed too and it still so very much hurts. I try to use my past experiences to educate teens and young adults, but i hope this helps you see the view from a “junkies” stand point

  • massage_texas says:

    Mostly because drugs and alcohol stimulate the pleasure centers in the brain and cause the person to feel better (temporarily). For some people, it becomes a habitual way of coping with stress….from the outside, such as job pressures and from internal stress, like not feeling adequate in some way.

    Over time, the body actually needs the alcohol or drug to feel “normal”.

  • synchronicity915 says:

    No one sets out to become an addict but it happens because drugs often work by blocking receptors in the brain so that natural dopamines build up between the synapses. Once the drug has lost its effect the receptors remain turned off but few dopamines are there to replace what is no longer there so it is necessary to take more drugs in order to feel good again. It really is a vicious circle. It’s not a moral issue either. It is a disease and often a fatal one. I am sorry you lost your sister but please allow yourself to forgive her for what she could never have imagined could happen when she first started using, and the first time a person uses can often hook them for life. Take care and good luck coming to terms with it.

  • kimberly k says:

    I’m clean and sober 8 months now, after using for 20 years….it’s not that I woke up one day and said I think I’ll become addicted to drugs and alcohol, I just became so dependent on the “euphoria” of the drugs. Your mind just tells you that I can just do this one time and be done with it forever, is a crock!!!! I was about to commit suicide in Nov. 05, because I never thought I’d be able to stop using on my own, then the intervention happened, and I basically didn’t have a choice…now, I’m so happy, relieved, and ecstatic to be clean and sober one day at a time!!!!! It’s a challenge everyday, but I realize I have a choice to make everyday God allows me to live, either I can use, or I can stay clean and live a wonderful “new” life…today I’d rather live wonderfully, and clean….

    I don’t think we as addicts really care about our surroundings or the people we hurt in the process, because we have no love for ourselves, we have given up on everything around us…please pray for ALL the active addicts, and for the people who are recovering everyday!!!!!!

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