Drug Addiction?

Question by ? Rachel The Great ?: Drug Addiction?
I have a brother who is 23 years old. He has had an addiction to drugs since he was 16 years old and he is going to move to chicago in a month or so to “change his life”. However, prior to leaving Florida, he has been experimenting with drugs that he has been having a problem with since he was 16. Is this in any way going to make him rehabilitate before he moves? I am worried about him. Do you have any suggestions? What should I do? I’ve approached the subject but I don’t think I am getting through 🙁 .
And it’s not like he is just smoking pot, he goes on cocaine binges and looses 500 dollars in one night because of it.

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Answer by socalbabe58
i kinda feel like hes trying to find excuses and like maybe to get ya’ll to think hes gonna do something great…but i dont think him moving is gonna help anything. His best bet at getting better is to be around ya’ll so that he has a support group to help him. Because who knows what can happen when your all alone?

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