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Another group wants to open Duluth methadone treatment clinic

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The Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment, perhaps best known for running the county's only detoxification center for alcohol and drug abuse, is proposing what it calls a Medication Assisted Treatment Program, where methadone would be one of several …
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Deal Signs Welfare Drug Test Bill

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Welfare applicants will have to pass a drug test before they can receive benefits. A Florida court blocked a similar law as unconstitutional because it violates people's Fourth Amendment protection from unlawful search. Backers say Georgia's law has …
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Artie Lange on drug rehab: 'It saved my life'

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Lange discussed his troubled past on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, revealing that he only began to recover after spending several months in a Florida medical center. "I feel fantastic. I went to rehab. I had some issues that had to be dealt with in …
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