Drug Free Places in Orlando Fl?

Question by : drug free places in orlando fl?
I’m moving to orlando for college in february and I need some advice. About 6 months ago, I got out of rehab for drug addiction. I’ve been sober since then, and I want to stay that way. Which parts of orlando should I avoid in order to stay clean?
clearly i am not enough of an idiot to think that you can legally smoke weed in florida.

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Answer by Ammar
lol..clearly thats not what u r asking..you are asking where you can smoke weed legally..well, no place in florida can you that..might wanna go to amsterdam (Y)

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  • flautumn_redhead says:

    Unfortunately drugs are all over here in Florida. I could tell you where the crime rate is higher, but lack of crime or even lower crime in an area does not mean there will not be drugs.

  • I Want the Answer says:

    Why don’t you just stick in Disney World? There’s no drugs there….

  • Mike Dorsan says:

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