Drug Testing as a Camp Counselor?

Question by daqger: Drug testing as a camp counselor?
I just got a job as a camp counselor and in the camp guidelines it says this “I understand that
smoking, use or possession of alcohol or drugs will lead to my immediate dismissal. I agree to
participate in —-‘s drug and alcohol testing policy.” But then the only other thing that says anything about drug testing is this. ” We personally review all of the department of motor vehicles records on all drivers prior to each summer and all drivers participate in a drug screening program.” which is clearly directed to only drivers. Does this mean they will drug test me? the session is 39 days long.
i am not a driver. I applied to be a camp counselor. I am already hired and have already signed and sent in the contract as well as my W-4 forms.

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Answer by Brandon Dick
yes i believe they are going to test you but i have to ask if you are a driver? but anyway yes they will most likely test you for drugs being as though you are someone of the camp so yea they will test you most likely

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  • Nurse Jacki says:

    It sounds as though you have to agree to adhere to their policy– but what is that policy? Some employers only test you if there has been an incident that raises questions. Every company is different. My son drives a company vehicle, and his employer only screens if there is a moving violation or an accident.
    I work for a substance abuse treatment center, and not only are we frequently, randomly tested, but if you do anything at any time that might raise an eyebrow, you are tested. Trip going down the stairs, set a little fire in your wastebasket, call your boss a cooze; you’re going to be peeing in a cup.
    So you might have to pass a drug screen prior to hire, you might never be tested, or you might be tested if you wear two different socks.
    Do you know anyone that worked there previously? It would be helpful to ask them.

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