Drug Use Florida: Drugs Used in Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin is the most dangerous drug as it is highly addictive. The heroin addiction treatment is the most difficult and a heroin addiction treatment center is the best place where it can be done.

Facts about Heroin

• The parent chemical compound of Heroin is opium. This plant product is known since antiquity. • The active ingredient in opium is morphine, from which heroin is synthesized. • Heroin was earlier made legally but as it became evident that it is dangerously addictive drug, it was outlawed in the year 1923. • Heroin is the ace illegal drug. • Heroin addiction is associated with social problems and crime. • The scientific name of heroin is diacetyl morphine. • Heroin attacks on opioid receptors in brain to show its fatal effects. • Heroin produces feel of elation, fearlessness and gives tolerance against pain. It also relaxes mind. • Heroin is a colorless and odorless powder. • Drug abusers smoke, snort and a few also inhale heroin. Inhaling is best way to introduce the drug in bloodstream and is done two to four times a day by an addict.

Although staying away and completely coming off from the addiction of heroin is a difficult task but if enough motivation and a range of treatments are given to the addict, family and friends support is rendered, it is definitely possible. The most important thing is to continue with the treatment.

After rehabilitation at a heroin addiction treatment center, the addict who is recovering may soon relapse to the habit. So it is extremely essential to keep him away for long from that old environment and the company of people who remind him of the drug abuse days. Other important measures that may be taken to successfully m heroin addiction habit are:

• Involvement with friends and family • Acting immediately in case of an overdose • Meeting doctors or counselors on regular basis • Attending counseling sessions • Engagement in social network that prevents patient from remembering old times.

Drug Therapy

Methadone, a synthetic opioid is not as harmful as heroin and so it is used as its substitute. Though, it is not a cure for and addict, it temporarily relieves an addict from harmful effects of it. It is prescribes and can be taken orally in liquid form at any specialized government-run clinics.

Methadone stabilizes an addict’s life and prevents health troubles such as drug overdose, HIV and hepatitis transmission, skin abscesses and withdrawal symptoms after detoxing.

Methadone is a very effective especially in keeping addicts off from heroin and off from crime than treatment. It’s also easily accessible.

The drawback with methadone is that it produces withdrawal symptoms. Some users are so addicted to use of methadone that they are not able to leave the methadone usage and get dependent on it indefinitely. Some people argue that methadone is not a treatment for heroin at all and it simply substitutes it and later make him dependent on itself. Buprenorphine and Naltrexone are other drugs used in the treatment of heroin addiction cases.

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