Emancipation/living Away From Home in Washington State?

Question by xd409: Emancipation/living away from home in Washington state?
Stuff at home isn’t working out for me.
i recently ran away to stay with a couple of my homeless homies of mine.
I came clean about all the drugs i do [vicodine, methadone, valium, weed, cigs, n occasionally drink, but i am now a month and a half sober since i told my mom] and i told her i needed help. agreed to take UA’s and drug counceling. but i told her, before i told her anything. that she had to promise on anything and everything she cares about not to tell anyonet, especially my dad. she agreed. [you can say oh their your parents the need to know this stuff. but im gonna tell you its none of their business what i do. and they damn well have no right to know about my life and everything in it.] a week later…. i wa at my moms. i took my ear gages out like she said [they were 0’s] but they healed up before the closed up. so she could see thru my ear. just enough to see the light on the otherside. she started crying and screaming at me, when it comes down to it, for following her rules. then she started calling me a freak [im not goth, emo, raver, scene, etc. but i wear baggy clothes, sag my pants, a little, and i mean a little bit, at the time long hair, and ear gages that were healing up. pretty much the stereotypical scrub] and i asked her why she couldnt love me no matter how i looked…..
and she said ‘because you make yourself out to be a freak and you’re screaming look at me look at me, im a freak, but i dont want you to judge me, and love me anyways’ and i started crying…. to think my mom really couldnt love me unless i dressed a certain way. and i cried. and i cut myself that night. but the police forced me too my dads cuz we were both yelling and crying to much. then i picked up the phone to call my friend drevyn, hoping she could help. i heard my mom and dad on the phone. my mom saying ‘did you know kjell [my name] smokes cigagrettes frequently. i promised him i wouldnt tel anyone so id appreciate it if you acted like you dont even know. he also smokes weed, and takes these pills called vicodine, and methadone” the conversation went on. they were gonn search my room, after i came clean about it all, choose who i hangout with, pull me out of school, take away my clothes and make me wear preppy nerdy clothes that just werent me [itd be like putting some ghetto gangbaner in aeropostle]. taking away who i was. it drove me over the edge, and the next day i ran away.

but i have a few questions. cuz i absolutely REFUSE to live with my mom ever again [my dads a fisherman] and im at my aunts and uncles for awhile. and im not planning to stay here.

but im looking into emancipation or the cacoon house [a house for homeless youth ages 13-17].
im 15.
can i get emancipated in wahsington if im 15 under ANY circumstances?
how old do you have to be?
is there certain reasons you have to have?
could a dysfunctional family/household problems be one?
could it would be better for my education, future, happiness, etc?
could i finish public high school?
if not, how could i finish school?
what is required to get emancipation?

then for the cocoon house http://www.cocoonhouse.org/
[which btw has a very great review and all my friends therapists and councelours have recomended it] im looking for the long term staying
do i need parental permission to live there, or a similar place?
if im living there could/would/should i list myself as homeless?
could i live in a place like that if i were emancipated?

and if anyone else has any facts about emancipation, requirements, pros AND cons, or living in a youth shelter, that could help me, id appreciate it greatly
wow savanah, thanks for answering my question oh so well.
and for anyone else who wants to answer giving me advise. dont. i want ANSWERS
not only is this ethics section. but this site is also yahoo ANSWERS no a therapy session

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Answer by Savannah
This is also the ethics section, and I don’t think it would be ethical to help you get anything but more parenting and less drugs. Life only gets harder once you start living on your own and you are obviously too immature to control yourself as shown by your list of drug addictions. What you really need is to listen to your parents, stop doing drugs and finish your education. Without it your career choices consist of waiting tables and prostitution. Not that there is anything wrong with people who want those careers or are forced into it. It just seems like you are putting yourself in that position in order to be free of your parents without actually understanding the consequences of your actions. Try watching “Requiem for a Dream” to understand where you are probably going to end up.

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