Explaining Drug Addiction Relapse Prevention


Explaining Drug Addiction Relapse Prevention – After an individual receives drug addiction treatment, it is important to have a relapse prevention plan. This plan should encompass the biological, psychological, and social aspects of a patient’s life. With a comprehensive relapse prevention plan in place as well as a team of understanding physicians and therapists, it is possible for an individual to achieve long-term sobriety and a healthy lifestyle. Lakeview Health Systems provides people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction with private, customized treatment plans that help make recovery possible. To learn more, please visit www.lakeviewhealth.com or call 1-866-510-9131to speak with an addiction specialist Download a free intervention guide at http


Pill Mill 'Kingpin' Sentenced To 9 Years, 000 Fine

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Prosecutors said that greed, not addiction, fueled Hughes' drug-trafficking operation. He used money made from the operation to purchase cars and other luxuries, Goddard reported. Assistant Franklin County Prosecutor Dan Stanley said that Hughes' …
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