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Florida Mansion Turned Halfway House Causes Stir

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An expansive waterfront property in an upscale Florida neighborhood is being turned into a halfway house for people coming out of drug and alcohol treatment, but not everyone in the area on-board with the development. The luxury facility is being run …
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Rick Scott Vetoes Bill Sending Non-Violent Drug Offenders To Rehab After

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Florida Governor Rick Scott on Friday vetoed a widely popular bill that would send certain non-violent drug addicts to treatment after serving half their sentences. “He said it was a 'public safety' issue. No it's not,” said bill sponsor Sen.
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4 Responses to Florida Drug Rehab

  • ispsales says:

    FDA vs. K2? herb


  • hiiamrick says:

    Funny how America send white addicts to rehab. While black people go straight? to jail for a hell of a long time.

  • mattbrindisi says:

    We? are in Delray Beach Florida and a mile from the beach. Close enough?
    Private bedrooms or apartments. Not bad huh?

  • jrk7501 says:

    Do you know a place to? go to rehab, just for young adults. it has to be sunny near water, lol. but for real?

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