Help With Drug Abuse?

Question by Jessie: Help with drug abuse?
My brother has a BIG problem with drugs, my mother and i have cleaned out all of the drugs from his room today and when he gets home he’s gonna freak, i no that just by taking the drugs away isn’t going to do anything but we are also a very poor family, i was wondering where i could look (like a website) for free or cheaply state run clinics/ facilities

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  • Lucy says:

    Well theres that ask frank thing, but Id say just go to your local hospital most have a rehab unit, Hope I helped.

  • Steve says:
  • confucious says:

    Ok, good news and bad news. No, clearing out the drugs aren’t going to fix a thing. Enabling (allowing him access to a safe place to do drugs) will not help. Tough love will. By housing him, noone is doing him any favors, you’re just encouraging him to do the drugs with no repercussions.

    Ok, for the good news. There are places that can help. It does rely on your brother though wanting to change, not you wanting him to change.
    Below is a link to oxford homes or recovery homes. They will work with him as long as he stays clean. He would be in an evironment with others doing the same thing, staying clean. He would be required to pay minimum rent (like 100- 200 monthly). He’d be part of a community within the home.

    So please take a look at the link below. Contact the 800 number to find out the homes available in your state. I live in NE and only found out about the oxford homes because my brother recovered there. It’s not a clinic. However, I know many who have tried that too, but I would definately recommend the recoverey homes. Most importantly, realize this situation is not in your control, it’s in your brothers. Don’t let him bring you down with him. You’re doing nooone any favors. I know this, I’ve had to do the same. And I have no regrets doing it.

    Your brother needs to be kicked out of the house if he continues to use drugs. ZERO tolerance. You and your mom and not doing anyone any good if you let him live there.

    He has options, allow him to find them.

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