How Can a Person Who Has Low-Income Find a Good Addiction Treatment Program?

Question by ashleigh h: How can a person who has low-income find a good addiction treatment program?
I know addiction treatment programs cost much. How about those who want to change but can’t afford to go to addiction treatment centers? Especially those who are unemployed?

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Answer by anyssa w
There are actually state-funded treatment programs available now for low-income or indigent persons who are in need of treatment regarding their alcohol or drug dependency. For those who are deemed unemployable because of their addiction, they are eligible to apply for treatment under the Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment and Support Act.

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  • Grace says:

    See if your community has a free/low-cost clinic. They may be able to direct you to a treatment program. Also, you could try local support groups at churches or community centers.

  • lindasue m says:

    The DreamCenter in Los Angeles, CA is excellent and the results are so very succesful (this is fact). It is also free 100%… food and board inclusive along with basic needs such as clothess and toiletries….If you are truly serious about changing your ways…. then a commitment is required…. They may have programs in other places in the US but not sure… If you do the Dream Center… your addiction will likely become a thing of the past…I have been there and spoken to people who tell me they are happier than ever and that it worked… and they are becoming successful in life. I also think you can stay/live on site after completing the program for skill/job traing to place you succesfully back into mainstream life. People from all over the US goe there. They will not turn people away….

  • Nelly Padilla says:


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