How Can I Report Someone, Who Has Kids in the House, for Illegal Drug Use in Florida? I Want to Be Anonymous.?

Question by tattoo-addict: How can I report someone, who has kids in the house, for illegal drug use in florida? I want to be anonymous.?

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Answer by Smitty
Child Protective Services- Call them!

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RX Drug Abuse in Florida – WE CAN is Pinellas County’s Drug Court Program for female addicts. It gives them the choice between recovery or time in prison. I made this video while working as a research assistant at the University of South Florida, which received a grant to study the effectiveness of this drug court program. WE_CAN_6-26-10.mp4


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@DylanRatigan Florida: drug tests for welfare recipients=lower use rates and 2 costly…LEGALIZA ALL DRUGS LIKE PORTUGAL!!! @p2 @tcot #420 – by outrider420 (Erika Whiteway)


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RT @luvGodncountry: Boca Councilman Anthony Majhess shocking admission of drug use @BizPacReview via @MicheleKirkBPR #Floridaby StarlaMBrown (Starla Brown)


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Boca Councilman Anthony Majhess shocking admission of drug use @BizPacReview via @MicheleKirkBPR #Floridaby luvGodncountry (Tanya Grimsley)


10 Responses to How Can I Report Someone, Who Has Kids in the House, for Illegal Drug Use in Florida? I Want to Be Anonymous.?

  • Mary O says:

    Call or go to the police station, or call crime stoppers they will make sure the police know about it.

  • mattinhoustontx says:

    Have the children been harmed? Probably not. Just mind your own business.

  • lourdes r says:

    a simple phone call will do. mention the drug activity but dont give
    any hint of your identity

  • rosey says:

    If you are sure that these children are being harmed… It is your duty to report this to either child protective services or your local police department.

    And if this is a false accusation for your own personal gain(whatever that may be) just remember that it would be you whom is doing harm to the children….

  • KC V says:

    As an officer, I have people reporting crimes all the time. The local, county, and state police normally have contact points where crimes may be reported anonymously.

    One thing to consider, as is true in my own position, I often get information that is lacking in details with no contact to obtain more information.

    Just because you DO leave a name and number for future contact, you can relate that you wish to remain anonymous for any other purposes.

    The police take your information and make the effort to substaniate your information.

    If other complaints are recieved concerning this same situation, the information is changed from “a person contacted this agency” to “several complaints from citizens who reported…”

    Contacting your Department of Human Resources is also a good point to get things started. The DHR is not governed by the same “rules of evidence” as law enforcement. Because children are involved, they are allowed by law to inspect the environment without a search warrant!

    You should contact both agencies and determine the based avenue that suits your needs and the welfare of these children.

    Best wishes!

  • Tink says:

    Call Protective Services – my brother in law just moved to Florida It is probably him you are calling on! Go for it!

  • tammer1973 says:

    Have to use a pay phone or caller ID will let out who called.

    I tried to turn in my brother for dealing, Ask me if i bought from him, I said No they did nothing for 2 years.

    Child Protection Services doesnt do much when they are called sadly.

    They do need reported but if dcfs shows up the parents may think the kids talked. Dont want to get them hurt.

  • I wanted tomorrow yesterday says:

    Contact the local police department or local CPS office in the area the house is located in and let them guide you as to any specifics. They will likely want something more concrete than general information. They may not act without specific information because often times people like to hurt others with false allegations.

  • Ben says:

    Call your local police department’s non-emergency (not 911) telephone number, ask the PD operator to direct your call to the appropriate office, and tell them all the information you have.

  • marvie says:

    The way it works in Texas is; someone reports it to CPS, CPS does a report, they forward that report to the local law enforcement, law enforcement does their own investigation. If children are being abused, parents will go to jail and children will be handed over to a CPS worker.
    This is the phone number for Florida Dept of Children and Family
    1-800-96-ABUSE (1-800-962-2873) . If they don’t do something, keep on calling them. They’ll get tired of it and eventually do something.

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