How Much Does Suboxone Treatment Cost?

Question by Bean: How much does suboxone treatment cost?
My dad is going to start getting Suboxone for his addiction. He has medicare and is on disability. Will they cover suboxone, and if not how much do they cost in cash? Any rough ideas?

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Answer by pollybug_24
Medicare will usually pay for it as long as he’s in treatment approved by the state (counceling, groups, one on one, this doesnt include 12 steps), usually intensive outpatient treatment. My medicare in washington state only pays for 6 months worth of meds, but they wont pay for the doctor visits, but they do pay for the counceling. And suboxone treatment is ALOT. My doctor first wanted a $ 150 deposit nonrefundable to even scheadule an appointment, then $ 250 at the first appointment then $ 130 there after. But the meds is whats costly, at 8mg 3 times daily, it cost almost $ 700 monthly. But every doctor charges diffrently, I’ve heard anywhere from $ 50 an appointment to $ 700. And the 8mg pills run about $ 7 each. So I would look into the medicare and see what they will pay cause he’s gonna need all thte help he can to help pay for this treatment. But it is so worth it, it gave me back my life. And even though methadone treatment is much more cheaper, it still will make him high, and most of those patients still use cause clinics are usually not good at drug testings, but suboxone doctors are very good.

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23 Responses to How Much Does Suboxone Treatment Cost?

  • Ali Ahamdou says:

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  • dfdemt says:

    The point that Im basically trying to make is that not everyone who asks
    for pain pills from their doctor is a drug seeker/dealer. Through one
    doctor’s compassion, I now enjoy a quality of life that I thought I would
    NEVER get back. I want anyone that reads this to know that these meds are a
    godsend to people like me, and to let the dealers/drug seekers know that
    they are hurting people that they’ve never met by making chronic pain
    patients suffer in agony trying to find a doctor to treat them

  • wqcharleston says:

    What is really sad, is the doctors who keep writing for people who are
    re-selling them.

  • rjjinc says:

    i used to be addicted to oxys and loratabs never shot em just took em but
    took em in massive doses and i’m lucky to be alive honestly and much
    happier being clean….the one thing i can say about trying to get off
    drugs is that it’s a battle of self revolution and it is not fun at all.

  • jm seven says:

    If it wasnt oxy it would be something else. Give it a rest dogooders. You
    dont even realize your doing more harm than good.

  • Gregory Nick says:

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  • Joe S says:

    it is a “disease”. it changes your brain chemistry and it takes a very long
    time to get back to normal

  • zzaher91 says:

    My mother had major ear drum reconstruction twice. she was given 50 perocet
    low strength. Not knowing that you can get high from it she only takes the
    meds for a week and the rest was thrown away. If you believe that abusing
    any drug is a sin,and god can punish you for it then in your heart you will
    never get addicted to any meds.

  • solomonkane23 says:

    so ppl with real pain have to suffer because of the idiots. oxy is the only
    thing that actually works for pain.

  • TheWaynelds says:

    Not everyone likes weed, so why would they smoke it?

  • dfdemt says:

    Another unseen tragic consequence of the abuse of prescription pain meds is
    the toll it takes on the patients that need these medications to function.
    Its something no one EVER thinks about. Docs are so worried about legal
    liability that they will refuse to prescribe narcotics to legitimate
    patients for fear of them ODing or getting addicted. I suffered with
    chronic pain for 6 years before I found a doctor willing to treat me.
    Abusers make it hard for people like me to find relief.

  • AWOL says:

    You’re wrong on that one. Even though I haven’t ever been on
    Heroin/Methadone or even tried them, I’ve read a lot throughout my career
    as a student. Methadone withdrawal is worse than heroin withdrawal. It’s
    more protracted, and fucks around with your head way more than Heroin..
    Heroin withdrawal is just like 3-5 days of cold sweats/flu/diarrhea and
    sometimes, vomiting, so yeah, it ain’t that pretty. Benzodiazepine
    withdrawal syndrome is something really fucking bad, it’s like Hell on

  • dfdemt says:

    If you try to press your doctor for narcotics, you are labeled a drug
    seeker. If you ask for a specific medication by name, its even worse. 4
    operations and 2 years of unemployment (due to my condition) later, I was
    put on 40mg of Oxycontin twice a day and it basically gave me my life back.
    But the doctor shoppers and those that sell their pain pills have made life
    a living hell for patients legitimately seeking relief from chronic pain.

  • switchbotexe says:

    diluades work also

  • brian heis says:

    Smoke weed

  • kim carpenter says:

    fear of prescribing the meds needed. You’re right that people-doctors
    included-have made life a living hell for patients legitimately seeking
    relief from chronic pain by with holding prescription meds or by those who
    do not follow the rules and sell their meds. Until a person is in pain 24/7
    each and every day with little or no relief it’s hard to understand I’m
    sure but it’s not something I would wish on even my worst enemy. The sad
    thing is to know there is help available but no one is

  • Straylight100 says:

    There definitely needs to be more education about the dangers of
    prescription pain killers, because most kids would not experiment with
    heroin if offered it, but they will pop a Vicodin or an Oxy, because they
    think its “safer” cos it comes in a shiny pill from the pharmacy. At the
    same time there is too easy access to opioids. I don’t want to see a return
    to the 1980’s when pain was dreadfully undertreated, but they need to
    monitor prescriptions & shut down pill mills.

  • divapowers00 says:

    What happens to all the people in chronic pain that NEED those meds. All
    those laws they wanna pass will just penalize those of us that need those
    meds. People are such knee jerk morons. I’m sorry people die. I’m sorry
    famlies suffer. But these drugs aren’t all bad and all users aren’t junkies
    or selling their pills

  • Joe S says:

    My mom gave me my first OXY a few years ago Christmas morning, I now have a
    100 a day habit and have lost everything, family, money, house,
    car…Everything is gone. Thankfully i have hit bottom and im heading to
    rehab in a couple weeks. This shit is just as bas as heroin, KEEP your
    PILLS hidden away parents.

  • zzaher91 says:

    These documentary are all bull shit. why ill tell you why. Your in pain you
    go to doctor he gives you pills for pain you have no idea what it is all
    you know it helps your pain, you take it as prescribed and go to therapy
    what you know my pain is gone. senerio 2. You go to doctor you have pain,
    but you know every type of pain pill becuae you either read about it
    online, or taken it before and loved the feeling of it. So you really are
    in pain but you know what opiates do so you abuse them.

  • Paul Smith says:

    The “disease” of addiction???? What a crock of shit!

  • kenya sibley says:

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    want you to receive a copy of my book titled “DOCTORS” The New Face of Drug
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    friends. I hope to eventually to talk in the public sector about why I
    wrote a book so controversial, and to get feedback from all of you whom
    have read my book. A voice other than mines is needed to address the
    prescription pill death related epidemic.

  • kim carpenter says:

    willing to help much of the time. Like with so many other things, it seems
    those that don’t really need it-abuse it-have no problem getting access to
    all they want and those of us who are legitimately in need can’t get the
    help we need and suffer needlessly. It’s very depressing.

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