I Need Help W/ My Alcoholism..just Some Questions?

Question by Katrina: i need help w/ my alcoholism..just some questions?
there is an aa meeting starting in an hour…i need help..im only 21 but my drinking is causing me to lose my best friend, family, and now my boyfriend…when i start drinking i just cant stop…and i cant go 1 day without drinking…does AA really work? what do i say? i feel ashamed and embarassed and i know every1 there is prolly really supportive but i dont know how to start off talking about my situation…i really wanna get better, will AA work? also how long are the meetings? i feel so ashamed of myself idk wat to do anymore..i cant believe i just turned 21 and i been an alcoholic for 2 years..i feel UN-

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Answer by Lola
First off, it’s so good that you recognize that you have a problem. Most addicts don’t realize that until it’s too late. You should feel so good about yourself, that you are voluntarily going to get help, instead of letting your life spiral out of control.

AA does work, but not necessarily the first time. As with any support program, it’s success is dependant on your regular attendance at meetings – maybe even every day. They’re usually about an hour long, and it won’t be hard to find one near your home.

You are taking your first step towards a healthier, happier life. Don’t hate on yourself so much – everybody has flaws, and it shows great personal strength and quality of character for you to go to these meetings unprompted. Good luck with your journey!

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5 Responses to I Need Help W/ My Alcoholism..just Some Questions?

  • don r says:

    An old neighbor told me it worked for her for more than 40 years. Over the years, I’ve met many more people who are alcoholoc who have successfully quit drinking by following AA. The meeting you’re going to will save your life. Alcohol is a slow poison, corrosive to every organ in the body. The inability to stop drinking once you’ve had a drink is the very hallmark of alcoholism. Go, without thinking, to the meeting. If AA weren’t successful it wouldn’t have lasted for so many years and spread t all corners of the globe like it has.

  • Angela says:

    I have a husband who is an alcoholic. He has been sober for two years.He has been an alcoholic since he was 15. He attends two AA meetings a week. He went to Rehab, a place in Nashville TN called Discovery Place. He could not make it on his own. AA is a support line that you need. They are not there to judge you or point fingers. They are going through the same thing you are and probably the only ones who will understand you and help you to cope. The meetings usually last an hour. You do not have to talk about yourself, you can listen. But if share you may help someone who needs to hear your story. You need to get help and you need to do it right now. Before you lose your life. You have to be willing to go to any lengths to quit. Which means changing your friends who may influence you to drink, it may mean losing your boyfriend or a job, or whatever. But you have to be willing to do this for yourself and get clean and sober. You can do it, but you are the only one who can. AA works, but you have to put forth the effort. There are no miracle cures, it all starts with you. Join AA, if it wasn’t for that group of people and God I may have lost my husband.

  • MAVERICK says:

    dear K it works if you want it to work AA, you sound like you have a problem and go to a lot of meetings and see for your self as things will get worse if you are alcoholic, but i can say YOUR BEST YEARS LIE AHEAD OF YOU IF YOU STAY WITH AA, AND KEEP IN TOUCH BY EMAILING ME BACK, THE FIRST DRINK DOSE ALL THE DAMAGE, you are not alone with your problem, everyone who goes to meetings feels the same, so go to meetings frequently,ONE DAY AT A TIME is the name of the game,and you have made the first step by saying I HAVE A DRINK PROBLEM and i want to do something POSITIVE ABOUT IT , so good luck AND HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOMETIME see AA in web and meetings near you too lots of love

  • Jack says:

    Some things you learn by doing. Going to this meeting is one of them. AA helps some people. Others don’t get help. Others don’t really want help. Such are just going through the motions. You have to really want to change or it won’t happen.

    This isn’t a quick fix. This will likely be a part of your life from now on. How you live with it is your choice. Don’t be mean to your friends. You are likely to need them. Remember that they care about your well-being.

  • Betty M says:

    Katrina, I am a recovered alcoholic over 5 years now. I began my recovery in AA, and can honestly tell you without it, I would have been dead. Everyone there, if it is a closed meeting, has gone through very similar thoughts as you are now, so never for a minute think you are the only one. Starting in this program, they will tell you it is always best to listen first, you do not have to say anything at all, accept your first name and this is even optional, but if you feel the need to speak, then by all means do so. It took me over 6 years, to finally “get it”, and to stay sober. I could not get pass the 3 month mark, but I never gave up on me. I really wanted to stay sober, to live a sober life, but I sure didn’t have a clue how to do that. I found out we only do it one day at a time, are never cured, and will always have to work a program that works best for us. I do not go to meetings anymore, my choice, but I still have to maintain my personal program every day, I still help others and sponsor people and when asked I speak at meetings. You will be okay, believe me. This is the biggest step you will ever take, and I am very proud you have made this wise decision for your life. You do not have to go down as far as some of us have. While you are there, you will find others or someone who you will take a liking to and reminds you of yourself. This is possibly the one you may want to ask to be your sponsor, but for now that can wait. Just keep going to meetings every day, the program will get you, if you don’t get it. Remember Katrina first, that this is a “we” program, not an “I” one. You will be fine, just keep going. You can email me anytime as well. Take care

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