I Want a Tattoo That Symbolizes My Battle With Addiction & Drug Use and How Am Now Free and Above the Influenc?

Question by SmileyB: I want a tattoo that symbolizes my battle with addiction & drug use and how am now free and above the influenc?
I would like to get a tattoo (me and my husband) that symbolizes are struggle with addiction & drug abuse.We are now free from addiction and above the influence and would like to express that with a tattoo for everyone to see.Acting as a personel reminder to us and kinda walking billboard to everyone else.Any ideas THANKS!

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Answer by That one is Me!
why dont you et the serenity prayer?

Or some words to signify rebirth

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  • sand3419 says:

    Here’s the thing: there is a trick here that you should be very careful of, – that being if you want to be free from your past, don’t put a permanent image on your body to carry around with you your whole life, to constantly be with you. This is not freedom, you will be carrying your addiction problems into the future with you.
    This is a trick of the brain, so bare with me, and hear me. If you want to be totally free, then you need to have every single new decision not tainted with your past. You want to go forward, as you would have if you had not been addicted. Don’t give a badge to it.
    Instead honor the child that you were, and the future that that child had without addiction. This will be hard for you to get, because it is such a major event in your life, but trust me, if you do this, it will instead become just a small portion of your life that you went through, and came out healthy and happy in spite of it.

    So, what do you get for a tattoo? You get something positive and strong and happy and filled with hope and possibilities. Something that a healthy strong person with a wonderful future would pick.
    Something that without the addiction, you would have chosen. Free and clear and untainted.

    What are your goals? What are your interests that you can now pursue? What do you find beautiful? What do you love?
    Yes, you can do something symbolic, but make it about your whole life, not just the ugly hard parts.
    You could get something that would show the complications of life, like the symbol of the flower of life, or a Celtic knot:
    You could get something personal that makes you feel strong, or lucky, reminds you of who you are (like something from your childhood).
    Here’s an article about how to get a tattoo without regret:
    You could get a beautiful flower just starting to bloom. There’s many many types of flowers and colors and styles or realistic. :
    Of course there are religious images, or guardian angels.
    There are different gods and goddesses.

    Take your time with this, make it personal and unique and custom. But make it about going forward, not dragging anything that is negative from the past, forward with you in any way… it will be baggage.

    Be free, and have a long life that will overshadow the small part of your life that was negative.


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