Is It Possible to Have a Book Addiction?

Question by Alexis S: Is it possible to have a book addiction?
I seem to read at least like five long books a day and i love the Twilight series and Gallagher Girls so please tell me if I have an addiction or like books too much.

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Answer by Jinx
yes…it called the ‘bookworm syndrome’ (made up by my friends) it’s when you read as much books which relates the twilight series or any book which is in…

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6 Responses to Is It Possible to Have a Book Addiction?

  • Carebear says:

    yes, i think you can, though just because you like twilight doesn’t mean that you’re a book addict.

  • don schlegel says:

    God bless you?

  • AmberRoseTV says:

    Its not crazy at all! It’s human nature.. This video was created over a
    year ago, and I have learned SO much more since then. One thing I have
    realized along my spiritual journey is that whenever you crave ANYTHING,
    whether it be food, alcohol, something to smoke, affection… it’s because
    you are looking OUTside to fill up your INside. It is NOT POSSIBLE. The
    sooner we come to that awareness, the sooner we can start filling our voids
    with the proper nutrient.. LOVE.

  • Geoffrey Ringham says:

    What an irritating pretentious woman!

  • JordanTyler96 says:

    I’m actually a little addicted to soda which is really bad, so this
    technique definitely helps. 🙂

  • Sharon Downey says:

    thanx for that ! I have read the book but havent thought about trying to be
    present … for some obscure reason…..when my addictive nature rears it
    head. I think this will help me a lot as a lot of my friends and even
    family are addicts and sometimes I just wish I could indulge with them and
    end up feeling deprived, which is kinda crazy thinking. so thanx 🙂

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