Is There a Free Drug Rehab in the San Antonio, Tx Area?

Question by Xanthe Martinez: Is there a free drug rehab in the San Antonio, Tx area?
My older sister has confided in me that she is addicted to heroin, crystal meth, something called Ice as well as a number of prescription medications. She steals money as well as medications from pretty much anyone she comes in contact with. I don’t have money to pay for her to go to a rehab center and she doesn’t have insurance nor does she work. I love my sister despite her many faults and want to help her any way I can. I have already lost one sister (not drug related) and don’t want to have to bury another. PLEASE I just really need to find help for my sister.

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Answer by mmuscs
Unless your sister wants help there is nothing you can do. The only way she can go to rehab is voluntary or court order. Does she want help? Check this location

She will need in patient care to detox. The methadone clinic cannot provide that. All she would be doing is substituting one drug for another.

The first thing she needs to admit is there is a problem and she wants help.

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