Is There Anywhere for Free Drug Treatment?

Question by Stephanie: Is there anywhere for free drug treatment?
The guy I am seeing has had trouble with extascy and cocaine. He also has problems with alcohol. He knows he needs to get help and he wants help but he cant pay for any treatment. He feels like he cant tell his parents because he grew up in such a strict household that does not communicate. There is only so much I can do to be there for him, and he needs help. Does anyone have any ideas of what he can do?

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  • joy m says:

    call your local hospital, they can tell you where you can get free treatment for him,take care!

  • darkraven1012000 says:

    My brother got clean when he went into the marines true when he got out he started back up but he is just that kind of a guy!

  • zoeinrecovery says:

    I went through a State funded treatment program In Cols Ohio. You can check the phone book or even hospitals, for advice. Be prepared it is not an easy task.

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