Jacksonville Drug Treatment Help: Liposuction – Wet vs Dry Treatment – Which One Suits You?

If you want to lose some fat through surgery, you are probably considering liposuction. However, you might be a little confused about the different methods available. The most discussed types are dry and wet, and they vary greatly. The names refer to the amount of fluid injected into the body before the treatment begins.

Dry liposuction is the traditional method that has been around the longer of the two. However, it is now used the least because it involves no fluid at all, which can be very painful. In fact, there is more blood loss and even the risk of denting the skin with this procedure. Because of the pain, general anesthesia is required. It is no wonder why many doctors have discontinued this method.

The more common method now is the wet technique, in which some fluid is put under the skin prior to surgery. The solution is not water, but a mix of lidocaine, epinephrine, and saline. Not only does this help numb the area and get rid of pain, but it also encourages constriction of the blood vessels. This means that less blood is lost during the operation, which is definitely an advantage.

In general, wet liposuction makes it easier for fat cells to be broken up and removed, and also produces less swelling. Most people have discovered that more liquid equals less blood loss, which is how super wet liposuction got its start. This is called the tumescent method, and it only requires local anesthesia due to the huge amount of liquid injected.

To decide among the methods available, you should consider the amount of pain likely during each surgery and whether general anesthesia is needed. Dry treatment always requires general anesthesia, while the wet kind requires it often, but not always.

The tumescent technique only calls for the local kind, allowing you to stay awake during the procedure, and eliminating any risks associated with being completely under the drug.

Fortunately, the decision does not rest entirely on you. Of course, you will likely have a preference according to any research you perform and people you talk to. However, your doctor should discuss the advantages and drawbacks of each kind with you before you both decide.

This will likely be at the consultation, before surgery is even scheduled. Be sure to have an idea of whether you want to be awake during the treatment or not before you make a selection.

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