Jane’s Addiction “Jane Says” on Guitar Center Sessions


Jane’s Addiction “Jane Says” on Guitar Center Sessions – An exclusive clip of Jane’s Addiction’s performance of “Jane Says” from Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV. See an all new episode on September 25th at 9pm ET…


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21 Responses to Jane’s Addiction “Jane Says” on Guitar Center Sessions

  • handsmlake says:

    how can one hat the steel drum in a rock song?

  • Vhaldemar90 says:

    I like this better than the studio version, I love Perry’s voice and

  • Kimber Tanae says:

    Perry Farrells a character now…cool clip…with Duff McKagan and eyecandy
    Dave Navarro?

  • Yanin Arzola says:

    Beautiful :)?

  • Agustín Quintanilla Rojas says:

    Duff is just an all around cool guy! Excellent version of this song btw?

  • Francesco Picchi says:

    Always beautiful!!!?

  • Alex Ewing says:

    Why did he have to go screw up his nose like that??

  • MickyAvStickyHands says:

    I felt 16 again for a few minutes.?

  • Timothy Donaghue says:

    i love this performance for sum reason.. perry’s so ethereal n gentle <3?

  • CustomPcTech says:

    guitar center sucks. Came here for the band.?

  • thepolacek says:

    Perry looks awful. He looks like an ugly woman.?

  • Eric Favre says:

    freaking awesome !?

  • Brian Stefanec says:

    What a great rendition of this song. I sing in a classical choir that uses
    a steel drum from time to time. I love how it’s used in this song! Like
    classical music, this song also takes me away to a different place.?

  • roland musashi says:

    I see but i “hardly believe” it is a live show. Perfect professional.?

  • jazz strider says:

    Grinning like a Cheshire cat, I have just found this channel – it is gonna
    be a loooong night – whoop whoop?

  • mike.choi says:

    he’s still got his voice! this rendition sounds awesome. when i heard the
    drum machine, i cringed, but it turned out really good with the steel
    drums. jane’s addiction was really influential in that era of
    “grunge”/”alternative” with so many forgettable bands…?

  • Kelly Sunseri says:

    I didn’t know duff makagan was in janes addiction… rad?

  • alexb618 says:

    perry is a lunatic but you can tell he loves doing this?

  • joana karasek says:

    By the way I saw Janes Add when I wad 15 ay the Madison Sq. Garden, nyc.The
    guys from The Crows wete ditting right next to me , it was very wow .cherrs?

  • Phil Maison says:

    just for a fact, and for all those critics about steel drums: steel drums
    are on the original version of jane’s says, it’s on the record. so don’t
    waste you time moaning about it?

  • Seth Johnson says:

    Duff!!! Awesome. Great version of a great song.?

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