My Brother Is Dating a Pregnant Woman?

Question by : My Brother is Dating a Pregnant Woman?
My brother, who is 28 years old, has always stressed that he’ll never meet the right girl and even fears he’ll never have any children.

He has been in 2 serious relationships, one girl was very career driven and made it clear she didn’t want children until later in life. The other woman he dated had huge drug problems, so it’s no wonder (thank heavens) she never fell pregnant.

I found out today he is now dating a woman who he met a few weeks ago — who is 5 months pregnant — the child isn’t his (obviously as he only met her 2 weeks ago).

When I found out she was 5 months pregnant my first reaction was — who picks up a pregnant woman in the first place? And What is a pregnant woman doing out on the prowl for a boyfriend? Shouldn’t she have more pressing priorities right now in her life?

I told my brother what I thought about the situation, and he got really upset with me. Now my sister is abusing me for “trying to bring my brother down”… I’m not, I just want him to REALLY think about the situation — in 4 months there is going to be a baby — a baby he is apparently excited about being a father to!! Again, this goes back to his fear that he cannot have children.

I told him to go have a fertility test if that is what he was afraid of… but that just got me more abuse from my sister again.

My Father is also worried about the whole situation, but refuses to say anything to my brother about it. This woman is unemployed, half way through her pregnancy and looking to shack up with — and (here is the clincher) name her unborn son after my brother that was killed in a car accident 7 years ago — WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? This child isn’t even blood and she and my brother think thats a good idea?

I’m just annoyed and want to shake some sense into him…

What would you do in this situation?

Should I have NOT said anything?

I just feel like he is making a HUGE mistake…

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Answer by outspokenone
Unfortunately people make mistakes the hard way. It is how we learn .
By opposing this relationship you only drive him closer to her. When he needs a shoulder to cry on. She is not yelling at him but comforting him. The best you can do is be supportive no matter what happens. No one likes to hear ” I told you so”. Agreed?

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  • Lisa Dag'z says:

    “What is a pregnant woman doing out on the prowl for a boyfriend? Shouldn’t she have more pressing priorities right now in her life?”

    More pressing than finding a daddy for her baby? Sort of sounds like a perfect situation for the two of them if she needs a father for her child and he wants but may not be able to have a baby, he’ll even get to see it grow up from the start.
    But of course it does mean that the whole relationship’s centred around the kid and it may well not last very long. Then again people brought together by a mutual fulfilment of needs can fall in love and be very happy.

    It’s not wrong of you to be concerned for your brother’s well-being, but he’s a big boy and quite probably won’t listen to you even if you are right. He seems pretty set on having this baby.

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