Need Help With Drugs :(?

Question by : need help with drugs :(?
Ive been SO much weed since i turned 14, i started when i was 13, i would smoke once, maybe even a few times a week, then 14 came along and i was hittin bong about once a day, then halfway through 14 i just took off and was just stoned 24/7, and im 15 now and still continue this way, does anyone know if smoking this much marijuana has affects on your brain when your an adult?

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Answer by Kelly
A lot. It can give you anxiety, depression and probably lowered intelligence. I’d get help to get off it.

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  • Selena says:

    yes!! you can die sooner

  • DaLLIN says:

    moderation is key. Probably would be good if you didn’t do it while you’re still developing but idk. Only real negative I know of is it makes you lazy.

  • Mark says:

    ah i guess it might but im fine and i was ridiculously high in college all the time, it makes ya a bit stupid when your actually doin it but if you stop you eventually get your head back. it can be a gateway drug so just stick with it intead of anything else ja! or you’ll screw yourself up man

  • Louise T. Miranda says:

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