No Help to Quit Drug Addiction?

Question by Mary: No help to quit drug addiction?
I’ve noticed something quite serious. There is absolutely NO help for anyone who needs discreet help in quitting a serious drug addiction. Google it. You’ll see. You have to sort through the countless websites telling you how disgusting and pathetic you are, how you must involve everyone in your family to overcome your mistakes and live a drug free life. And if you don’t have money, well, you’re really up the creek. It’s not so bad for smokers, that’s “not your fault”, not so bad for Alchoholics, it’s a “disease”, again, not really your fault. But drugs? You are the scum of the earth and you must allow society to pound you into the ground before you even attempt to get help. It IS your fault, it’s a choice. Yes, it WAS a choice, and yes, you KNOW you made a huge mistake. You see all of these centers advertised showing a resort-like setting and how “you too, can live a drug free life”. If you use your insurance, it becomes public knowledge that you’re one of these “scum”, and if you try to enter one of these “free” in-patient detox centers, you have to be arrested first or be on a waiting list so long the drugs will probably kill you in the meantime. How much money is spent every year on helping the FAMILIES of those with addiction? The advice to the “loved ones” is quite extensive. What about the addict? Not the criminal, never been arrested, just someone who really needs help, but for their own reason, without the ability to share with the world their serious life-threatening problem? You are in it completely alone. Your family is so against drugs that you will NEVER to one of the family again if they find out. No, I’m not being dramatic, there are people out there like that.
Try this…pretend you are a Grandmother, a good person, successful and working your entire life until disability happened. You got into a serious drug to help your disability and cannot quit. You are dying. Your hair is falling out, you’ve got numerous medical problems now. You’ve never been arrested, you’ve never stolen anything or comitted a crime to support your habit. You’ve moved away from your family to keep them from seeing you like this. It’s ruining your relationships because your not there and family thinks that you do not seem to care….although you do, with all of your heart. The drug is stronger than your heart. You know you are disgusting.
In a perfect world, someone would come up with a “reason” you could tell your family why you won’t be able to answer your phone for 4 to 6 weeks, you would go to a resort setting where the doctors and nurses first get you healthy, then teach you coping techniques to keep you drug free. And it’s all paid for by private donations from those who understand the seriousness of the drug problem facing us today. Oh….and it’s 100% discreet. When you return from your secret “trip” you are drug free, alive and happy again. The fantasy 6 week vacation you went on made your family smile and say, WOW! Where in the heck did you go? You look fantastic!
Yeah, right.
I know I’ll regret what’s coming….but what are your thoughts?

ps……really, pretend you are that person and google for help. You’ll be surprised how little true “help” is out there…especially for someone who’s alone in their struggle.

pps…case in point, when I went to catagorize this question, notice how all drug addiction questions go straight to “mental health”? How they are intertwined in peoples minds? And we all know how the fruit loops are treated in our society…..along with the scum.
Clarity, Thank you….but I wish it were just a matter of image preservation. Like I said, it’s family preservation. I know you THINK that all families are the same supportive types, but it’s not so.
Clarity, also, think about one thing too. When was the last time you walked up to a recovered drug addict and told them how much you “respected” them? My family always talks about the other family members that are “into drugs” or are “druggies”. They are not “family” anymore, recovered or not. Everything they do from that day forward is “because of the the drugs”. It’s a little more serious than most people think with some families. But I do appreciate your response. Thank you very much.

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Answer by clarity
The people who love you would support you in your need for help to kick your addiction. Addiction can happen to anyone. It’s what you do about it that makes the difference. Sorry, but from your question it sounds as if you’re more concerned with preserving your image than getting help. That’s not a good thing. People respect those who help themselves.

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