Essential Substance Abuse Skills 2013: Client, Family, and Community Education


Essential Skills 2013: Client, Family, and Community Education – This webinar is part of a series designed to provide entry-level substance abuse counselors a review in preparation for the substance abuse certification/lic…



Signs of Drug Use or Abuse and Suicidal Tendencies in Students


Signs Of Or Abuse And Suicidal Tendencies In Students



Cocaine Addiction?

Question by Pockets: ?
I live in LA california. I go to meetings and have a sponcer the whole nine yards. I have some friends that do cocaine and their behavior is getting out of controle. Their stealing, lying, getting more aggressive because they need a fix. I have to see them all the time and they have friends that do it and so on what can I do to get out of this destructive inviornment???

Best answer:

simply tell them that you dont want to end up like them and SPLIT

Greenwich Woods Rehabilitation & Health Care Center Greenwich CT


Greenwich Woods Rehabilitation & Health Care Center Greenwich CT – Greenwich Woods Rehabilitation & Health Care Center Greenwich CT…


Suboxone-Then What?

Question by mwwaldrop: suboxone-then what?
I currently have what I consider to be a major opiate
addiction. I take 10-15 lortab 10s per day every day.
This has been a problem for quite a while now. I
stopped once for about 6 months, but had to have
dental work which caused me to relapse. There is no
possibility of me doing a rehab stint of any kind as
my job will not allow it. I have lost all interest in
any hobbies I have and now take them simply to be able
to get up in the morning and be functional.
What are my chances with suboxone? I
have researched this and am curious as to whether this
will help me stop before I end up killing myself. I’m
looking at this (suboxone)option as a “means to the end” of my abuse. I am 43 yrs old and feel certain that along
with the addiction, am going through some type of
midlife crisis as well. I don’t have the guts to
actually commit suicide but as the number amount I take increases, so does the chance of me doing the deed.
Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated

I Need to Find Drug Rehabs in Ojai, California. Help?

Question by catherine_ann: I need to find drug rehabs in Ojai, California. Help?
I’m doing a research for one of my classes and it entails getting information about drugs and drug treatment programs. I thought I’d interview people in different rehabs so that I may compare them.

Best answer:

Answer by Jen22
I’d look in your local yellow pages for Rehabilitation Centers. Choose which ones and call and make an appt. to speak to someone and explain your doing research.

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