Perscription Drug Addiction?

Question by Mark O: Perscription Drug Addiction?
How do you tell if someone has a prescription drug addiction? Is it similar to an illegal drug addiction? I have a loved one who I am very concerned about. They take prescription drugs for medical purposes. But they affect them the same way that illegal drugs affect others. They take 35 every day. They are a nurse. They can give a medical justification for every one of them. But the way they react at different times makes me wonder. Their emotions go up and down. They have the same reactions as a drug addict. Can someone give some advice on helping my loved one.

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Answer by Dat
Prescription drugs are known for being of low quality and addicting. So much in fact, some people have debated cannabis being better for you than many of those drugs, which is pretty sad. Yes, addiction to prescription drugs tend to be just like illegal drug addictions but, sometimes those effects you see are just side effects. 35 a day is quite a bit of medicine, and the best route to take would be letting your loved one see a professional or go to rehab where they can fight withdrawals.

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