Question About Religion and Leaving Drug Addiction?

Question by : Question about religion and leaving drug addiction?
Ok, so ive been smoking weed for quite a few years now. I ive been smoking every day for about a year now and before that it was often but not every day. Ok so, i got a ticket for a traffic violation and im doing community service at a church. I myself am atheist…
For a while now ive been telling myself that i need to stop smoking. And mabey have done it for 2 days max and feel back into doing it.
So i wanted opinions if i should ask the guy that im going to be working there with if he could give me some knowledge on how i can mabey start believing in this religion to help me stop smoking.
the thing is that i am not really open to finding a religion because i have not had one for a years. But willing to try and see how it goes.

Any opinions are welcome. thankx for reading.
There are quite of few people on here that gave me some great advise. Ill see where my road takes me. thanks all.

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Answer by JStrat
Not attending church doth not an atheist make. You either believe or you don’t. If you believe, join. If you don’t, then don’t. Not difficult. Quitting smoking, however, is difficult. I quit cold turkey a few months back, but I still want one almost every day.

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7 Responses to Question About Religion and Leaving Drug Addiction?

  • Nicholas R says:

    There’s everything you need in Jesus Christ. Go toward him. He’s the light that you’re seeking.

    Yours in Christ, Nick

  • chieko says:

    if you just want a way to stop smoking weed, then join narcotics anonymous. if you want to change your life as well as stop your addictions, then speak to the pastor about learning more about the bible and Jesus…

    one requires your attendance at regular meetings, the other requires your heart and soul…be sure you know what you are asking for…

  • Spitfire says:

    If you want to ask the person you are working with, do it. Good luck in your efforts, mate.

  • Bagels says:

    Joining a church to “get something” is setting God up for failure (in your life). Becoming a Christian will not make your life (or anyones)-easier….life is the same, with the same troubles. Become a Christian b/c you know you need the Savior to cover the sins in your life, b/c you believe He died to atone or pay for those sins in your life….-not to cash in on some “want” list… wont last if you do and you will be more desensitized than before. Start taking to the pastor there about the bible-read it-pray-see where it takes you in your belief. But dont do it b/c you want to quit smoking-

  • Gabby says:

    although i don’t recommend finding a religion just to help you quit smoking, i do feel if you looked to God for strength and fulfillment he would help you through it. you have my blessings, and i wish you the best

  • auntb93 says:

    In the 12-step programs, the expression used is “higher power” rather than God. This is important because every effort is made to avoid prescribing a particular impression of what constitutes a higher power. For an atheist or agnostic, the higher power is often the group itself, the accumulated knowledge and experience of those who have been there and done that.

    Adopting a religion you don’t really believe in order to break your habit (I don’t call smoking marijuana an addiction because I quit myself with no withdrawal; smoking tobacco is indeed an addiction) is a bad idea. That ties your abstinence to a weak foundation. One day you get a craving and you say, “Oh, well, this is all BS anyway,” and light up.

  • knight35506 says:

    Ok first of all God hates religion, it divides people. So not going to church is no big deal. He wants you to have a personal spiritual relationship with him. This is a powerful ally against addiction, most addictions are impossible to break without a personal relationship with God. Without God, left to your own physicality, the grip of addiction is too strong. It is in strengthening the spirit, that the bond between body and addiction can be broken. Start reading the bible cover to cover, and you will begin to understand for yourself how powerful the information contained within is, you do not need anyone else to intrerpret it for you, God will help you with that.

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