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Recovery from Drug Addiction – Dion’s Story – Addiction Treatment – The Ambrosia Treatment Centers – Visit Ambrosia Treatment Center website for further information. or call 866-577-6868 I’d say I started getting addicted by the time I was 8 years old you know. I started smoking marijuana and I had seen some thing grouping up. Like my family members all they did was drugs, my uncle use to have these heroin parties and everybody would get high and when you group as a child and see that it unfortunately become apart of my life. I was always scared to shot drugs but that did not stop me from smoking and sniffing or nothing like that. What was it like when you first got to Ambrosia Treatment Centers? Well when I first got here,” It was like man I’m all the way in Florida and I can’t escape if I want too”. The experience was like, I can’t explain it, it was eye opening because the consolers and the staff at the Ambrosia Treatment Centers showed me a whole new world. Where it let me know that life can be better if I do what they suggest. They did not tell me what to do, but they made suggestions and I followed those suggestions. What was your Ambrosia Treatment Centers Therapist Like? What is Dottie like? She cares, she cares about the way you live your life. How it changes and she gets you to dig deep down inside and come up with the stuff that’s been hiding for so long that you really need to talk about. Once I was able to do that things changed for me. The Ambrosia Treatment Centers! Ambrosia Treatment Drug Rehab Center provides drug addiction


Does Your Employer Have the Right To Test You For Drug Use?

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Some companies even administer periodic random drug tests to their existing employees, especially as part of their workplace substance abuse programs. Many government agencies also administer drug tests to their employees. Last month, Florida Governor …
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Town Hall meeting addresses drug abuse

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Members of the Hippodrome Improvisational Teen Theatre perform a skit during the substance abuse town hall meeting at Lincoln Middle School. Buy Photo STEVEN H. KEYS/Special to the Guardian By Aida Mallard Taking prescription drugs with alcohol can …
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