Should I Report a 13 Year Old Drug User?

Question by ?: Should I report a 13 year old drug user?
He was doing weed. Can you say WHY you think your answer because I know people say weed is less dangerous than alcohol and wouldn’t report someone for drinking but it’s an illegal drug and he’s underage

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No. You should go to him and tell him that he needs to tell his mother, and if he doesn’t, you will. Don’t get him involved in the judicial system until you give him a chance to straighten it out at home.

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  • BIGdoggy says:


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  • hotwheels122287 says:

    haha Rom…… hes not going to tell his mother!!

    yes, you should turn him in based on the answer that you just gave. its illegal and he is under age. thats reason enough.

  • Lie some more says:

    What for? The injustice system is just going to screw his life up worse than the weed ever will.

  • Sans Deity says:

    Are you gonna report him to the police if you see him jaywalking too? That’s also illegal. You obviously don’t care about the impact of the weed on his health or anything since you just admitted it’s not about his substance abuse, but rather the fact that weed is illegal for adults. So you seem to have a bugaboo about strictly illegal activities, so I hope you would report a kid for jaywalking too, as not to be a hypocrite.

    But, the best thing to do is not to report him to the police and cause him major problems, but speak to his parents about it instead, narc.

  • Baby boomer rock fan says:

    Tell his parents. They’re responsible for him, so they need to know. If they can get some treatment or rehab for him, that will be a lot better than him ending up with an arrest record at 13 years of age. You want him to get help, right? Not just punishment that will haunt him forever.

    If his parents refuse to help him, then do what you have to do. But there’s usually a reason young kids turn to drugs. Drugs are the symptom, not the problem, at least in the beginning.

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