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Parents: What Would You Do if You Found Out Your Fifteen-Year-Old Son Was Abusing Marijuana?

Question by Amber: Parents: What would you do if you found out your fifteen-year-old son was abusing marijuana?

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Answer by I thought of just your face…
I would make him stop but not like control his life

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Christian Drug Rehab Center – Step 3 – Step 3 from the Christian 12 Steps to Addiction Recovery is detailed in this video. Step 3 is critical in addiction treatment because we must realize that wh…


Can a Federally Funded Program (The VA) for Alcohol or Drug Rehab Force You to Go to AA or NA?

Question by Brett: Can a federally funded program (the VA) for alcohol or drug rehab force you to go to AA or NA?
Separation of church and state and how AA and NA talks about God all throughout their books? For example, the state cannot force you to go to church.

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Answer by Gazza
AA and NA does not work for people if they are not willing to change and accept that they have a problem. AA and NA are not for everyone, sometimes people are more willing and receptive to a harm reduction programme instead of a 12 step abstinence programme.

What Are the Problem With Drug Rehabilitation Programs ?

Question by Ashley: What are the problem with drug rehabilitation programs ?
I want to know if drug rehabilitation programs have any world issue

Like if they think there needs to be more funding or less
What it needs to make it better perhaps like if you were to put forward a bill for drug rehabilitation programs what would it cover
Thank you ^^

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Drug Rehab Findlay's New Helpline Provides Help for Drug and Alcohol Addicts

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If an addict wants to learn about treatment options before they speak to someone over the phone, they can visit the helpline's corresponding website, http://www.drugrehab-findlayoh.com. The website offers a wealth of information on drug rehab centers …
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I Need a Good Book About Drug Rehabilitation for Someone in Prison, (Preferably Christian Oriented)?

Question by Papa_Tilt: I need a good book about Drug Rehabilitation for someone in Prison, (preferably christian oriented)?
either self help/drug rehab or just an inspiring book that might make a person exzamine and understand the results of ones actions. Any idea would help!


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Answer by DAR76
12 Steps

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Anaheim California Christian Addiction Treatment Center – http://christianaddictionnetwork.com/ -We understand that these individuals have gone through high levels of discrimination and persecution because of their …


How Can I Stop My Unhealthy Behaviors and Addiction Once and for All?

Question by sk8ter: How can I stop my unhealthy behaviors and addiction once and for all?
I find it so hopeless to quit my addiction and other unhealthy behaviors. The more I try to stop something, the more it bugs me. The more I stop thinking about it, the more it haunts me. The more I control the urges, the more they haunt me. What can I do about this? Help me, please. Thanks.

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Answer by ChiMom
Not knowing what addictions you are referring to, make it difficult to give advice.