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What Are the Problem With Drug Rehabilitation Programs ?

Question by Ashley: What are the problem with drug rehabilitation programs ?
I want to know if drug rehabilitation programs have any world issue

Like if they think there needs to be more funding or less
What it needs to make it better perhaps like if you were to put forward a bill for drug rehabilitation programs what would it cover
Thank you ^^

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Wat Is a Help Line and Can Anyone Give the No for It?

Question by caro: wat is a help line and can anyone give the no for it?

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Answer by squid
Kids Help Line – 1800 55 1800
Kids Help Line is a free and confidential, telephone counselling service for 5 to 18 year olds in Australia. The Kids Help Line web site consists of … – 12k – Cached – Similar pages

Welcome to Kids Help Phone
Provides help to children in Canada on a variety of issues, such as relationships, school, bullying, suicide, and abuse. – 8k – Cached – Similar pages

What Do You Do With a 15 Yr Old That Thinks He Knows It All Who Thinks Getting in Trouble Is Cool?

Question by sueh2831: What do you do with a 15 yr old that thinks he knows it all who thinks getting in trouble is cool?
He got in trouble living with his father in Arkansas, proceeded to be a theif, thinks he should be able to do what he wants and not what he is told. He has gone through drug rehab for smoking pot with my ex-husband. Now he is on 1 yr probation, with 50 hrs community service and has to see a psycologist with me present also. The 2nd week of school he skipped 3 days in 1 week. What do you do with a child like this?????? I am clueless…….

Two UA Probation Violations?

Question by joesmith: Two UA probation violations?
State of laws: Kentucky
I am a 5 year probation for drug paraphanalia. Last month i tested dirty for marijuana for a probation drug test. I was ordered to do community service. I had another test this month and im pretty sure i will fail it as well. I will know if i did fail or not on my next PO meeting. What are the chances I will be put before a judge and ordered to serve jail time? Is there a chance i will be allowed to take drug rehab or classes instead even though its a second violation?

Intervention 2


Intervention 2 – Positing a cultural model of intervention.


Freeman hints at Buccaneer smear campaign

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Buccaneers (for now) quarterback Josh Freeman has responded to the report regarding his status in Stage One of the league's substance abuse program. ….. If you don't want to pay him find someone to trade him to like Tennessee or Jacksonville …


First cases of flesh-eating drug reported in AZ

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Drug Rehab Centers in Georgia | Call 800-303-2938 for Information


Drug Rehab Centers in Georgia | Call 800-839-1682 For Information – Drug Rehab Centers in Georgia – Call 800-839-1682 For Information Our Drug Rehab Centers in Georgia have been known to be the best treatment centers in the a…


Police Report 10-17-13 – A man reported the theft of a deer stand.

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GEORGIA VILLAS — Someone stole an Xbox 360, accessories and games; $ 200 in change; a handmade chain-mail bracelet; and a box of condoms from an apartment. ? FOXRIDGE APARTMENTS — A woman said her juvenile son refuses to obey, “became physical” with …
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