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Grand Theft Auto v Walkthrough / Gameplay Part 21 – Helping a Drug Addict


Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough / Gameplay Part 21 – Helping A Drug Addict – If you enjoyed the video please leave a like – I’d really appreciate it, thanks. ? Subscribe for more Videos! http://bit.ly/SubToAggie ? My Twitter – http://…


Oxy Drug Addict (Recovering) Talks About Living Your Life NOW.


Oxy Drug Addict (recovering) Talks about living your life NOW. – Ryan Donnelly, a recovering addict with over 4 years clean and the creator of http://www.CalmSupport.com and http://www.FreeFromHell.com speaks about Living …


Internet Porn Addiction?

Question by LOL WHAT?!?: internet porn addiction?
My husband has an internet porn addiction. He says it’s not a problem but it is. It’s been breaking us apart for 5 yrs. & he just won’t stop. I have tried everything I can to get him interested in me.. & he is. He always wants me..but he also always wants to look at lesbians online. It makes me feel like NOTHING. Like I’m not enough for him.

How can I stop this? He refuses to talk to anyone bc he says he doesn’t have a problem..but that’s like a drug addict saying they don’t have a problem. If it wasn’t a problem, he would see how much it hurts me & stop!!

Can You Visit People in Rehab?

Question by Katy Miller: Can you visit people in rehab?
If she’s your wife and she has 1 child and she was a drug addict?

Best answer:

Answer by Hope Mason
it depends on the individual clinic where she is, and the treatment plan they offer. ask.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Philadelphia | Drug Rehab Philadelphia Area – http://philadelphiarehab.net Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Philadelphia plans focus on drug and alcohol dependency through therapy, clean and sober l…


Whats Going on With My Body After Long-Term Drug Abuse?

Question by daniel valadez: Whats going on with my body after long-term drug abuse?
Well I want to know what’s going on with my body right now. I’ve seen some changes on me and people say that I’ve changed and I got uglier. Well my story is I’m 18 now, but last year when I was in high school I met new people and what not. So I met somw girl that had a drug problem and she introduced me to cocaine. So me and her would do cocaine like every day at school. I could say that yeah I was addicted. I would do like 3 lines every hour because it wouldn’t last long. So that went on for like three months. Then one of my other friends came back to my school and introduced me to ecstasy. After that I didn’t mess with cocaine anymore. But I started doing ecstasy on a daily basis for about 6 months straight. All my friends would call me a drug addict and told me I would be a bum one day. I would handle like 2-5 pills a day and wouldn’t care what anyone told me. But
now then they wouldn’t hit me as hard anymore. So then I tried meth because I heard it givs a GOOD rush and last 12 hours. So I did that and got addicted. All my friends were worried and telling me too stop but I couldn’t. I wasn’t that bad of a addict cus I didn’t have that much money. I would handle like dubs at a time. I was scared to overdose again so I would do that at a time. Well I did that for like a month and 1/2 and started to notice changes in me. My family said I was getting uglier and I was really lazy most of the time. I noticed my face was getting bad acne and I did feel uglier because my frends would tell me that too. My self esteem is really low rite now. I’ve been meth clean for about a month now. That’s a big improvement for me but I can’t fix my face back. My acne is still bad and I can’t gain weight, can’t sleep at nite, I get bad drug cravings so I smoke weed everytime I get a craving. I tried killing myself last week (I tied my cell phone charger around my neck but my frend saved me). I guess I just don’t feel loved anymore, and I feel ugly cuz my brothers tell me all the time.

Online Gaming/sex/alcohol/drug Addictions?

Question by Jacky: Online gaming/sex/alcohol/drug addictions?
I have all of these and I cant stop! I left my marraige my husband and my 3 kids that I rarely see now but I cant stop I love this too much and I meet way too man men here that love me. I feel bad when I am down but I cant stop acting or feeling like this. I was just eveicted from my apt and lost my job and lost everything but I dont care as long as I have my xbox and these men and other ppl in my life that I met on xbox. Whats wrong with me! Its been 3 years since I left my family! I cant get over this and there is always someone that I really love playing xbox and I cant stop loving these people that i meet on here and I really care for them and they do for me. I met one and it did not work but I just move to the next on teh xboxreally believing it will be better. I cant stop! These ppl love me too much and i love it! I cant let go. And ive lost everyhting on this path and I dont care. I dont even see my kids…something is wrong but i cant stop
Im 36 btw going on 37.
i love using the camera on there too. the attention is too good for me to give it up for anything