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Rehab for Drug Addicts?

Question by slaright: Rehab for drug addicts?
My brother needs help, I don’t have the money to send him somewhere, he needs an actual place that deals with drugs, not just a talk group. Is there such thing as a free place to go or somewhere that has grants or some kind of financing that I can apply for? He lives in Kansas, I live in Texas. He needs help I want to help him. I don’t want to lose my brother.

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Can a Child Be Placed in Different State Foster Home?

Question by Aaron S: Can a child be placed in different state foster home?
A child was taken from mother in one state while the mother was visiting a rehab center. They were at a motel for one night and then coming home the next day. The mother had a cut on her foot and bleed on the floor in the morning while she was getting the child something to eat. the desk clerk called children services for some reason and the child was taken from the mother and given to another couple. The child and mother both resided in Ohio and the child was taken in West Virginia. My question is : Why was the child not put in a foster home in the state of Ohio where she resided? Is this allowed and what would make them do this. Additional information is yes the mother had been on drugs before and was ordered to go to rehab, her case worker was to find a facility that would allow the daughter there too, the case worker never followed thru with the judges order and so the mother was trying to get help on her own. This case worker did not at all attempt to place the child with family which is a federal law, yet placed her with people she had never met. The mother died after only being allowed contact with the child 3 times in one year because of the social worker. Can something be done about this?
The child social worker has been very hard to work with between making the child sound like a bad person and saying that it is too expenseve. She placed the child in the home and THEN weeks later contacted the grandmother but refused her saying she had to many people living in her home (she adopted 3 children), my mother in law is trying to get the child so that she can grow up knowing who her family is and and have a safe secure environment and such but the social worker seems to be dead set on this couple keeping the girl. Since the mothers death in Feb of last year the only contact with the child that has been made was with the father for 15 minutes. The worker cut it short saying the child didnt recognize the father…she knew him exactly when she was asked who he was. The child is 5 now and the whole family is worried about her and just wants her safe again. Dont really know who to get ahold of, went over the workers head and nothing has really been said.

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Henderson psychiatric care center to expand on parcel it bought from church

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It also provides detoxification and rehabilitation programs for alcoholics and drug addicts. Acadia, based in Franklin, Tenn., acquired the facility in fall 2011 as part of its $ 76 million purchase of Pioneer Behavioral Health, which had five inpatient …
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Is It Legal for States to Allow Drug Addicts Who Happen to Be Doctors to Practice Medicine?

Question by humpty dumpty: Is it legal for States to allow drug addicts who happen to be Doctors to practice medicine?
Read a news article yesterday that all 50 states currently protect the identity of doctors who are drug addicts and alcoholics; California just past a law to stop protecting their names. I would like to encourage everyone to write their Congressman, it could be your child, or another love one that one of these quacks is providing medical services.

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Answer by ChoirCutie
I hope not!!!!!

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Do Texas Hospitals Have the Right to Drug Test Newborn Babies?

Question by lroble27: Do texas hospitals have the right to drug test newborn babies?

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Answer by Professor Beatz
Is it mandated by state law, or is it the decision of the hospitals that they will only consent to grant medical care if the person be willing to undergo any test deemed necessary by the healthcare provider?

Edit: Good God! I can’t believe the Supreme Court hasn’t thrown that out–it’s a clear violation of the Fourth amendment!!! I guess the “right of privacy” only exists when it’s consistent with the agenda of the welfare state.