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Drug Rehab Programs in California.(FREE)?

Question by Yo-Yo: Drug Rehab programs in California.(FREE)?
I was wondering if anyone knew of any.

My best friend’s mother was a meth addict a few years back and recently my friend(samantha) found meth in her house.
She says her mom has been acting differently and coming home at different hours of the night and sometimes not come home at all.

Samantha’s mother DENIES that she uses,but everyone in the family is certain she does.

A week ago samantha was reaching out for her cell phone while her mom and grandmother were arguing and she(her mom) kicked her!
It turned into an actual fist fight.
Samantha has a black eye now,she asked for my help,so here I am.

Drug Rehab Programs?

Question by MrSandman: Drug rehab programs?
Can you tell me if drug rehab programs are successful in the UK and what is the cost per week to the taxpayer or addict to receive treatment? I understand that the costs might be astronomical and unaffordable for your average person suffering from a drug addiction.

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Answer by Javaris
dude fukk rehab..keep smokin dat shizz

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Does Anyone Know of Any FREE Rehab Treatment Centers?

Question by Sammi: Does anyone know of any FREE rehab treatment centers?
I’ve been trying to find a free rehab center for a loved one and I’m having no luck, if anyone knows of any PLEASE answer!

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Answer by Tiny
There are many rehab centers for the indigent which are run by the Catholic church or by offshoots from it. I have heard of the Jesuits running them as well as the Franciscans and some of the female medical orders as well. These are often listed as “St. Soandso House” or similar. You might try googling a bit for some of those. Good Luck.

Does Anyone Know of Free Drug Rehab Programs?

Question by i love my son: does anyone know of free drug rehab programs?

My family member is a 24 year old female who lives in Washington state. She is addicted to meth,

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Answer by Phil
In my state, free or near-free rehab programs are funded through the Medicaid program. How that works exactly may vary by state. Try checking with your states Dept. of Mental Health (or equivalent) — drug and alcohol abuse are considered mental health issues.

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Can a Person Who Was a Cocaine Addict Drink Alcohol Occasionally After Rehab?

Question by kat: Can a person who was a cocaine addict drink alcohol occasionally after rehab?
My husband is getting out of a 6 month drug rehab program on Friday. I want to know if it is ok to allow him to drink alcohol or not. Alcohol was never a problem foe him, cocaine was his only addiction. I do not drink very often. I will maybe have 1 or 2 drinks every couple of months. I just wanted to know if I should ban all alcohol from our home? I just need some guidance on this one. Serious, helpful answers please.

What Are the Problem With Drug Rehabilitation Programs ?

Question by Ashley: What are the problem with drug rehabilitation programs ?
I want to know if drug rehabilitation programs have any world issue

Like if they think there needs to be more funding or less
What it needs to make it better perhaps like if you were to put forward a bill for drug rehabilitation programs what would it cover
Thank you ^^

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