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Why Do Christian Drug Rehabs Boast an 80% Success Rate, When Secular Drug Rehabs Boast Less Than 5%?

Question by : Why do Christian drug rehabs boast an 80% success rate, when secular drug rehabs boast less than 5%?

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Answer by Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian
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I Wish to Find Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Oreland, Pennsylvania. How?

Question by celeste iw: I wish to find drug rehabilitation centers in Oreland, Pennsylvania. How?
I would like to do a documentary regarding drug rehabilitation and I really want to interview some patients as well as their therapists and counselors.

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Answer by ashlie d
Is this some sort of project for one of your classes?
I don’t think you can interview patients as drug rehabilitation centers are really stringent with regard to their privacy rules. I think you can get away with interviewing the therapists and counselors, though. To find drug rehabs, just use the links below. Contacting the local health services administration and asking for a list of drug rehabs will be good too. Good luck!

I’m at a Loss as to How to Find Drug Rehabs in Hempstead, Texas. Help?

Question by daniella s: I’m at a loss as to how to find drug rehabs in Hempstead, Texas. Help?
I’ve never been good at finding places. Not even when I’ve got a map. But I really need to do this for a very dear friend of mine. We’ve been close since childhood, and I never expected that there would come a time when she would get herself involved with people who are doing drugs. Now she’s drug addicted as well. Though she has pushed me away before, it was still me that she turned to when she realized that she’ll get nothing good from illegal drugs. I really want to help her find drug rehabs. How will I do this?

Detox / Rehab? [Oralndo]?

Question by Princess Amanda42O: Detox / Rehab? [Oralndo]?
Does anyone know of a rehab/detox/behavioral health facility in Florida?
Preferably in the Orlando area.
[In advance]…I’m so thankful for any helpful / KIND info!

Yes, it is for myself. No, I’m not in denial. And yes, I do know that getting help will take great effort on MY part. But I’m ready & willing to do that, if that’s what’s it’s going to take to make me feel better again!
That’s supposed to be
ORLANDO in the ‘headline’…Sorry about the misspelling
: )

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Answer by Vladislavs V

Is It Legal for States to Allow Drug Addicts Who Happen to Be Doctors to Practice Medicine?

Question by humpty dumpty: Is it legal for States to allow drug addicts who happen to be Doctors to practice medicine?
Read a news article yesterday that all 50 states currently protect the identity of doctors who are drug addicts and alcoholics; California just past a law to stop protecting their names. I would like to encourage everyone to write their Congressman, it could be your child, or another love one that one of these quacks is providing medical services.

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Answer by ChoirCutie
I hope not!!!!!

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Why Is My Mom Like This?

Question by Oklahoma SOONERS.: Why is my mom like this?
I’m 15, but I’m not the average. I went to rehab for alcohol & drug addiction. I moved back in with my mom in Oklahoma after a 11 month stay living in two different locations- Branson & Kansas city Missouri. She CONSTANTLY complains. I do nothing, & I’m not just denying it and actually do stuff to make her mad. She constantly uses my past against me.

But I mention one thing she’s done in her past-she goes nuts. She acts like she has no flaws & I feel like I hardly know her because she refuses to talk about her mistakes so we have no deep bond.