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Request A Test Now Offers 12 Panel Drug Screens for Comprehensive Testing

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The use of a workplace drug screening program on current workers or potential hires has been shown to decrease absenteeism, accidents, turnover, and theft while improving morale and productivity. Laboratory drug testing can help to determine if a …
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Should Drug Testing Be Mandatory for Those Who Are on Welfare?

Question by jdukenumber1: should drug testing be mandatory for those who are on welfare?
i just read in states such as florida, oklahoma, louisiana and alabama that drug testing is mandatory for those on welfare. and i really don’t see the logic behind it. i find it degrading and quite ridiculous that because someone is of low income, the assumption is that it’s a high possibility they’re on drugs. and please don’t use the “my tax dollars are going to them so i should be sure that they’re using the money wisely” only one percent of federal taxes go to those in welfare so come up with another excuse. regardless if you use drugs or not, it’s an invasion of personal space. and let’s be real, the states mentioned have a high percentage of black people. you wouldn’t hear much of this law in a states such as colorado, idaho, or maine for example.
GRIM REAPER: that’s exactly what i’m talking about! you’re associating welfare recipients to drug users. why is that?

What Is a Solution to Prescription Drug Abuse in College?

Question by woof woof: what is a solution to prescription drug abuse in college?
i need to make up a proposed solution or policy to the problem of college students abusing prescription drugs like adderall or ritalin. can someone please help me? i need suggestions 🙂

thank you!

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Prescription Drug Abuse PSA – I designed this as part of my final project in my humanities class. Prescription drug abuse is an issue that is affecting millions of Americans and, just as …

Floridas 1 Rated Recovery House House of Recovery


Floridas 1 Rated Recovery House House Of Recovery – http://www.houseofrecovery.org/ Shocking facts that everybody ought to know.


The Florida House Experience Approved for Expansion of Their Comprehensive

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Florida House Detox is excited about this opportunity to be able to help more addicts who are seeking drug treatment to improve their lives. Addition is a nationwide epidemic that affects all of South Florida, not just Broward County. The Florida House …
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It’s Time to Blow the Whistle on Tyranny: David VanDerBeek – Part 1


It’s Time To Blow the Whistle On Tyranny: David VanDerBeek – Part 1 – Here’s Part 2: http://youtu.be/G0KrsXEiqXE Constitutional Party Candidate for Governor, David VanDerBeek joins me to discuss all things related to tyranny – …


Area news briefs

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Shawn R. Carr, 30, pleaded guilty to drug delivery resulting in death, abuse of a corpse and other crimes in Clarion County Court. He'll face a minimum of eight years in state prison when he is sentenced Aug. 14. Another man, Joel T. Stark, 32, of …
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When Hunting Is It Relatively Safe to Eat the Meat You Hunt Raw?

Question by Some Dude: When hunting is it relatively safe to eat the meat you hunt raw?
Considering the fact that the animal you hunt is free to roam in the wild and eats actual food from the wild, rather than being injected with drugs, abused, and forced to stand in knee deep crap at a slaughter house, is it usually safe to eat for example, raw deer that you hunted from the wilderness? As long as it was recently killed and is fresh?

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Answer by Vivian
NO! Wild game can be full of parasites that are dangerous. Only thorough cooking can kill both parasites and larvae.