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My Ex Wife Was Arrested in Florida for Possession of a Small Amount of Crack, What Is the Penelity?

Question by guitarmonstor: My ex wife was arrested in Florida for possession of a small amount of crack, what is the penelity?

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Answer by nice_n_easy
Your wife wouldn’t be put to jail for mere possession but selling could be. She would be turn over to the rehabilitation center for drug defendent. Penalty possession of contolled substance such as crack, probably months she will be there in the rehab. defending on the doctor’s order.

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Drug Treatment Center Utah


Drug Treatment Center Utah – http://www.newroadstreatment.com – Utah Based Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment and recovery – created at http://animoto.com.


The Professor: Setting the Stage

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Ohio State needs a lot of help. Baylor needs to beat somebody decent and then get a lot of help. Week 10 may have been sleepy thanks to the superiority of Florida State and the absence of half the top 10 from the schedule, but it's only the beginning …
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How Are People and the Government Helping the Poor Especially With Food? (Look at Details)?

Question by imputh: How are people and the government helping the poor especially with food? (look at details)?
there are a lot of homeless people, people that cant afford much. what are people and the government doing?

i have soup kitchens, food drives, welfare money, red cross

what other things help people- links would be nice?

i need to write a paper about some guy who said population would b more than food available vs. present day

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Rehab Facilities in Utah Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers Rehab Facilities in Utah


Rehab Facilities in Utah Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers Rehab Facilities in Utah


Odyssey House calls for residential drug rehabilitation beds in country Victoria

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A leading Victorian drug rehabilitation provider is calling for extra residential rehabilitation centres in country Victoria, to combat a 100 per cent increase amphetamine-related problems in the last two years. Most of the increase in amphetamine use …
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Drug treatment center coming to Hoquiam

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What Should a Drug Rehab Program Possess?

Question by dominique w: What should a drug rehab program possess?
I’m looking for the tell-tale signs of a good rehab program since my father have decided to have an older brother undergo one. His life got all messed up when he found out that his gf for five years cheated her thrice. I wanna help my brother find a rehab that will take good care of him.

Please help.

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Getting Help for Alcohol and Drug abuse.AVI


Getting help for alcohol and drug abuse.AVI – This scene from WHAT GOES AROUND shows the effects drugs and alcohol can have on a family. Petrides students Trevor McGhie, Comfort Gwelekai, and Jonathan Br…


Survey shows 22.8 percent of Midland County teens use marijuana

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Of those surveyed, 26.3 percent said they consumed alcohol, 28.6 admitted to binge drinking, and 10.2 percent admitted to taking prescription drugs that were not prescribed to them. The majority of students who consume alcohol, smoke cigarettes and use …
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