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I Need to Find Drug Rehabs in Lewiston, Maine. How Will I Do This?

Question by annalisa la: I need to find drug rehabs in Lewiston, Maine. How will I do this?
I have to do this for my brother, who is currently suffering from heroin addiction. Our parents are both away, and I’d hate to give them the news. So now I have to take care of everything, including getting my brother treated. I plan on telling my parents this, but not now. I don’t want them to have to worry. My brother says it’s best not to tell them now too. He says to wait until he’s on the way to recovery. Can anybody tell me how I’m going to find drug rehabs?

Overcoming Addiction + Is Gambling an Addiction


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Guilty Pleasures presents the complete A to Z of celebrity 2013: A recap of

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Chris Brown checked in for anger management, Zac Efron for drug addiction, Philip Seymour Hoffman cleaned up his heroin addiction, Lindsay Lohan was ordered by a court to get some rest at a rehab centre and Catherine Zeta-Jones sought help for mental …
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Why Does It Make Sense to Put People in Prison for Drug Offenses So They Can Learn to Be Better Criminals?

Question by No Mas Republicano: Why does it make sense to put people in prison for drug offenses so they can learn to be better criminals?
And possibly become racists and gang-bangers because they have to in order to survive in prison. Is that what we want them to learn?

Shouldn’t they be forced into a drug rehab facility instead?

Best answer:

Answer by THE Republican
Ok it’s official. We will let all the prisons open and let all the criminals go frocklicking through the field of daisies onto American playgrounds. What a sick liberalalala land.

What Activities or Sessions Are Included in Drug Interventions?

Question by smart alec: What activities or sessions are included in drug interventions?
After three years of heroin addiction, I finally raised the white flag. I give up. I had a long heart-to-heart talk with my mother and we both decided that allowing other people to intervene with my addiction is our best option. I’m not proud of what I did or what I have become but at least I’m man enough to admit my faults. I’m entering a drug rehab in five days and I just want to know what to expect. I want to prepare for the treatment programs and the intervention itself. I really want this to work. I’ll do everything to make my mother happy.

The Impact of Addiction on a Family


The Impact of Addiction on a Family – Watch one family’s story about the impact that substance abuse had on their young son and the value of having good quality youth addiction treatment services…


UCLA receives M grant to investigate links between substance abuse and HIV

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A team of clinical researchers, epidemiologists and basic scientists will collaborate to examine the direct effects of drug use on HIV acquisition and treatment, with the primary aim of determining whether and how the use of stimulants and other …
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Can You Help Me Understand These Japanese Insurance Terms?

Question by teepetlhw: Can you help me understand these Japanese insurance terms?
I will be studying in Japan this summer, but not long enough to warrant a student visa or international student eligibility for Japan’s National Health Insurance, so I’m required to get my own health insurance that covers 15 million yen in “Injury Death” and 5 million yen in “Injury Treatment”, “Sickness Death”, “Sickness Treatment”, and “Rescuers Expense”.
These terms don’t match up to any policy I can find.
I can find things like Lifetime Maximum Benefits, Pregnancy Coverage, Policy Year Maximum Benefits, Basic Medical, Supplemental Major Medical, Fees for Diagnosis/Treatment, Hospital Charges, Laboratory/Diagnostic/X-ray, Outpatient Prescription Drugs, Durable Medical Equipment, Hospital Room & Board, Intensive Care, Mental Disorders, Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Motor Vehicle Accident, Ground Ambulance, Injuries to Sound Teeth, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains.
It seems like “Accidential Death and Dismemberment” oughta be what covers both “Injury Death” and “Sickness Death”, but I can’t find anything anywhere close to 15 mill yen (about $ 150,000 usd), so I’m thinking maybe they lump in some other stuff like repatriation and hospital fees, but I’d like to see some actual definitions.
“thecheapest”‘s answer gave a common sense explanation for what the terms might be, which doesn’t really help. I have common sense. I’d like a translation of these Japanese benefit terms to American benefit terms like the ones I listed in the paragraph that starts with “I can find things like…”