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What Is Better for Long Term Pain Combined With an Addiction to Vicadin? Suboxone or Methodone?

Question by waterfun333: What is better for long term pain combined with an addiction to vicadin? Suboxone or methodone?
I’m been just reciently put on on Suboxone by my doctor and I feel that it works well for the vicadin cravings, but I’m not sure if its cutting the pain. I was on methodone for a few weeks and that also worked well, i just did not like going to the clinic and they had to detoxed me with a month lapse before putting me on a maintance program. During that lapse my phsc doctor put me on Soboxone. I don’t think my doctor will prescribe methodone, but will Soboxone. I have no insurance and the Soboxone is really expensive. I don’t know what to do?
My Chronic pain is from 3 herniated discs. I’m waiting for a disc implant on the worst of the three, but my previous insurance company said it was experimental even though 4 doctors said that i needed it and the FDA approved disc implants 2 years ago. The doctors don’t want to do a triple fusion because i will loose to much mobility and with a fusion it has to rely on the strength of the other discs which are also herniated. So, I’m waiting until the insurance companies decide that it is no longer experimental. Crazy how an insurance company can trumpt both the FDA and 4 doctors. So, while waiting, I got addicted to the vicadin and thats why i’m interested in monitored pain relief

What Do You Think About Sex Education Being Taught in School?

Question by Anonymous: What do you think about sex education being taught in school?
I transferred high schools going into my junior year, and I discovered they had no required sex ed. classes – it wasn’t even in the curriculum for their health class. At my previous school, our health class was mostly centered around drug abuse and sex education. We watched videos on what drugs can do to people, and we even watched videos of births. We were taught about the sexual reproduction organs in both males and females.

What Are the Long Term, and Immediate Addiction Problems, That Occur From Houghing Alcohol?

Question by Cody Dombrowski: What are the long term, and immediate addiction problems, that occur from houghing alcohol?
What are the long term, and immediate addiction problems, that occur from houghing alcohol? How imposing does an addiction pose in an “addict”? What is the lifelong effect?

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How Can I Help My Friend Who Is Already Dependent Into Drugs?

Question by Adrian Cage: How can I help my friend who is already dependent into drugs?
I think he has prescription drugs addiction and he is also an alcohol addict. Is there a way for him to recover from these problems?

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Answer by Christie Stephanie
Both prescription drugs and alcohol addiction can be serious and deadly diseases because it destroys the ones health and wellness. I advise that your friend has to undergo a dual diagnosis treatment which I believe takes a long term to finally overcome those addictions.

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Question About Halfway Houses and Landlord / Tenant Laws?

Question by Richard RIGHT: Question about halfway houses and landlord / tenant laws?
I’m the director for a halfway house / recovery house in Indianapolis, Indiana. I know there’s an Indiana statute that says the landlord laws don’t apply to properties operated by institutions for educational, religious or counseling purposes. But how can I write the contract so that we have the right to immediately evict someone for drinking or using drugs while a part of the program?
Thanks guys, you helped me a lot. Particularly helpful is the fact that you’re pretty much in agreement with each other on what you’re saying. But yes, I’ll speak with an attorney friend of mine, as well.

What Factors Must Be Present in an Addiction Treatment Program Before It Can Be Considered Effective?

Question by dianna ns: What factors must be present in an addiction treatment program before it can be considered effective?
I don’t really know how to scrutinize treatment programs and I want to make sure that my friend who’s about to get herself rehabilitated gets what she needs out of the program.

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Answer by allegra f
There are key principles that must form the basis of any addiction treatment program and these are the following: