Tempted by Prescription Drugs?

Question by korkykrayon: tempted by prescription drugs?
I’ve really been scaring myself lately. I find myself increasingly anxious and depressed, mostly at night when there is nothing to do, and it’s at this time, when I’m lying in bed or surfing the web that my mind drifts to drugs. I keep thinking about taking the prescription drugs that I know are in my house just out of curiosity. I’ve never even smoked weed so I have no history of being drug-curious, but for some reason, the allure is there. During the day, I think about what was going through my head the night before and almost laugh at the stupidity of it, but then that night, it happens all over again. Anyone heard of exhibiting the psychological signs of addiction without having taken the drug? Anyway. My main question is: what the hell is wrong with me? Why am I thinking about these drugs, and how can I stop? And I should mention that I can’t really throw the drugs out because they belong to my parents; they’d probably notice and assume I was doing them anyway. (Irony, anybody?)
“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in my life.”
Big fan of that show. And thanks for the response.

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Answer by belle
you are trying to escape your anxiety and depression and you think that by doing drugs you will be able to do so. theres nothing wrong with you, other than anxiety and depression. if you find that it is having a negative impact on your life, you should look into seeing a therapist. probably, if you had a better outlet to deal with your mental discomfort, you wouldn’t be tempted by drugs. as the great 13 once said “drugs are ALWAYS a mask for something else”. so what are you running from?

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  • Kristie says:

    I wish I knew something better to say to explain “what’s happening to you.” But please don’t take them, ever. I understand your curiosity and urges to take them. I also understand the anxiety that comes along with those feelings. You may be considered an at-risk person for addiction (drugs, drinking, gambling, etc) due to life circumstances, situations or a variety of reason that I can not determine. One thing you should know about prescription meds: That’s great you have never done any drugs, not even weed, but many prescription meds (especially ones people like to take recreationally) are similar to HEROIN, that’s right HEROIN. So if you were going to try drugs, wouldn’t you not want to do something that was so similar to HEROIN? I can’t tell you what to do, all I can do is provide information and insight. If you don’t believe me, well you should do some research then. Hope you feel better!

    Additional details:
    *Were the additional details directed to me? What show are you talking about, it’s not a show, ITS LIFE.

  • arabella78 says:

    i think one of the things that’s wrong with our society these days is that when something’s not right, we turn to medicine automatically to cure whatever is ailing us like for example feelings of anxiousness are automatically addressed by prescriptive drugs… maybe that’s the reason you’re drawn to these prescriptive drugs because you’re feeling down a little bit and you’re thinking something’s wrong with you and maybe the pills can make it go away…. i believe that a good old-fashioned hard work or being involved in something else like hobby, community work etc. will pull you out of your doldrums…. ultimately you’ll forget about getting depressed and forget about the pills….

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