The Disease of Addiction- Part 1


The Disease of Addiction- Part 1 – Go to to learn more about addiction resources, and drug and alcohol treatment. OVERVIEW OF ADDICTIONS 1. The Disease of Addiction 2. Who, Why, When 3. What To Do About It 4. Co-Dependence 5. Dual Diagnosis 6. Relapse 7. The Chronicity of This Disease rehab centers drug rehabilitation drug treatment center centre Rehab drug addiction pachills


Florida surgeon general: Public was informed about TB cluster

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The article did not mention the critical role DOH has played in moving the state forward to continue treatment of the most extreme TB patients after the A.G. Holley closure via partnerships withwith Jackson Health System and Shands Jacksonville. The …
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Lucas angry with NFL for ignoring its role in his painkiller addiction

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Former Jets quarterback Ray Lucas realizes that he's responsible for his addiction to painkillers, but he strongly resents the NFL's failure to accept the reality that the league got him hooked in the first place. As explained by Michael O'Keeffe of …


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