The Search for Haleigh Cummings Action News Jacksonville Jan 26 2012


The search for Haleigh Cummings Action News Jacksonville Jan 26 2012 – JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Haleigh Cummings home is only a speck on the map of Palatka county. Even from a birds-eye view, it is hard to see the homes in Haleigh’s neighborhood. Finding a six year old girl has been even harder. “Each one of those plots were searched the best they could be,” says George Pottorf, who has been searching for Haleigh since the day she went missing. Each step behind Haleigh’s neighborhood takes you deeper and deeper into the woods. Action News found that once we hit certain spots in the woods, you could barely see a person in front of you, let alone a scrap of evidence at your feet. They are woods, a forest, that only experts can get through. Woods so deep and so thick, that even our camera had a hard time getting through some of the thickest terrain in Florida. This is the first time the public gets to see why a search on this land is so difficult. “You don’t want to find anything, that’s the key,” says Pottorf. “Actually, you’re hoping for a good result and obviously if you find what you are looking for, it’s not going to be a good end result.” Pottorf has the training necessary to find the clues that could lead to a break in the Haleigh case. He owns hundreds of acres right next to Haleigh’s home and knows the land well. As a lieutenant with the Florida Fish and Wildlife, George is also an expert in the water. In the early hours of the investigation, George searched for Haleigh by boat too. “On the very first day, we spent probably about 16 hours


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8 Responses to The Search for Haleigh Cummings Action News Jacksonville Jan 26 2012

  • DotiBump says:

    being at work but knowing she was doing this and her calling him and telling him what took place that HaLeigh died. Still, I think if that were the case Tommy would tell to? save his ass 15 years in prison. The only reason I come up with for his confession is he did this.

  • DotiBump says:

    gone out leaving Tommy to keep an eye on all the kids. Or left them alone and Tommy came to steal something. Misty is guilty of something but I am not so sure she is just guilty of acts that she feared Cummings would blame her like if she left the kids alone. I think Misty’s Joe story? came to her from Tommy that he either told her Joe did this or that he told her to say Joe did this. The only other idea I have is an accidental overdose with Misty giving HaLeigh meds at her bedtime and Cummings

  • DotiBump says:

    And facts have shown he is not? scared one bit of Ron Cummings, he already had the guy locked up and refused to drop charges even after getting a dead rat in his mailbox. Top that off with all his jail house calls where he points the finger at Misty and Ron saying they want Misty and Ron they do not want me. Then comes his poly and all of a sudden he can’t let Misty take the rap for this? Bullcrap he would toss Misty and Ron under the bus so fast if he could. As far as Misty I think she may have

  • DotiBump says:

    the river as TOMMY CROSLIN CONFESSED IN WRITING to the FDLE then she is also gone. Why would Tommy confess to being there when HaLeigh died and to being their when she was? disposed of? We know he failed a poly and feared what his wife would think seems to me he must have failed questions like if he knew what happened to Haleigh or new where she was and so he comes up with Joe done it and I seen it. Better then he done it Seems to only reason he would lie, this scumbag would not lie to save Misty

  • DotiBump says:

    Well I think they were thinking Misty got rid of HaLeigh and since she is someone of an idiot they would find her, but it seems clear now she had help from one or both of her brothers in which case you are probably right just as Misty said doing her lie detector test, her brother knows lots of places that nobody knows about where he goes to smoke his crack, unless someone did put her in a black bag or? buried her then her remains are gone animals have seen to that and if she really was put in

  • tubebitch12 says:

    There is no sense to search! Why waste the tax money? The key to finding Haleigh, lies with the jailed, Croslin, Cummings, bunch! Let? he whole lot rot in there! They should have tortured, souls for what they did to that little girl!

  • gaspump86 says:

    Lots of wild hogs here!?

  • DotiBump says:

    I guess they dig holes in the ground? to trap the hogs or boars. Where HaLeigh lived boarders on the Ocala National Forest…………Look it up, a very wild place.

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