Treatment for Alcohol and Drugs?

Question by Follow-the-narrow-gate: Treatment for alcohol and drugs?
I went for an Evaluation at a treatment center and they reccommended Intensive Outpatient. Just wondering… what is the difference between someone who needs Outpatient treatment and those who need 24/7 rehab

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Answer by Moey
If you can do outpatient, then you are still capable of making decisions about your care, and taking care of business.

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  • dollyc says:

    i think you are better off on out paitences at least you got the chance to try yourself instead of been committed into a place where they watch you 24/7

  • salus says:

    Some are like that, I think they turn away people they feel they can’t completely control. So your able to think for yourself, good and don’t loose heart. You will find the right one if you look around. Though some people manage without the assistance of Rehab.

  • Drug Rehab Charleston says:

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